In response to some big changes that will be taking place in the near future – more on those presently – I've yielded to the suggestions of "You should start a Patreon."

When I said I would podcast if I got 500 people to sign up I was 78% kidding. But it looks like the goal is…not exactly in sight, but plausible? I suppose that after many false starts and hesitation wounds, I may finally have to figure out how in the hell to make a podcast. But only under duress.

34 thoughts on “PATRONIUS”

  • I swear to god, if you don't team up with Rortybomb and create Ye Olde Bomb-Ass Tacos Podcast, I will never forgive you.

  • Patronized (?) and subscribed to the super special content. Excited for the potential podcast, but please don't let it replace your writing, which is truly excellent.

    (See, now that I'm a paying customer, I get to make demands.)

  • ThisMilkTastesNotNew says:

    Been reading for years. One change I'd make is lowering the price a bit until you have a bit more content. I listen to Chapo Trap House and pay $5 for the podcast and archives and I think that's a pretty good price point. That said, I became a Burgher as of this writing. Good luck.

  • Started out as cheapskate, then decided it was worth one less bottle of cheap booze a month… so I'm not longer shiftless Grassley/Hatch scum, I'm a burgher.

  • Donald I Schwartz says:

    Ed, I'm investing a hard won, $1 each month in you. I expect a return on the investment in the form of articles picked up by major sites, links(references) here from other blogs, your op-ed on news sites and sales of your writing to major news organizations. A weekly column would be a bonus.

    The first way to achieve those goals is to get this blog read. Read by random libtards like me and read by influencers within the press. You have an SEO score of less than Zero! You use no tags or keywords that I can see and only market via Facebook posts. And, those Facebook posts contain no hashtags or keywords.

    Your homework, should you truly wish to become a world renowned, highly paid, influencer of a fair and sustainable future.

    1 Learn to use tags and keywords in every wee thingy you write
    2 Install and use an SEO plug-in on your wp site. Yost is free and best
    3 Read and subscribe to Hubspot
    4 Start with this Hubspot SEO blog post

    This assignment is due Friday December 8, 2017

    Extra credit: Use me gratis or a student WP expert, to help with the SEO and promotion. I bet we in your investor community can form a Get Ed Read Team(GERT). Methinks I'm not the only marketing, SEO, WordPress geek reading you.

  • Donald I Schwartz says:

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  • A podcast sounds intriguing. I love to listen to good podcasts while showering. I got my Bluetooth speaker (a cheap $10 unit) just for that.

    That said I detect a possible disturbance in The Force. Clearly your strengths, insights, and talents are, so far, most obviously demonstrated and shown in the best light in your writing.

    If you can maintain the quality of your writing a podcast will be extra gravy. But if the work on the podcast cannibalizes your writing I would rather you stick with the writing. Better to have one really good thing than two mediocre things.

    As for Patreon, sounds like a good thing. My finances are so tight they squeak but things may brighten in the near future and a few Ameros isn't out of the question.

  • Podcast can be a good thing.

    Some possible podcast buddies:
    Citations Needed

    Please avoid PodSaveAmerica like the fucking plague.

  • John M. from Ct. says:

    Podcast? Isn't that the format where, as with most A-V media, one must attend to the narrative in a straight and continuous line, without the ability to re-read, jump forward, copy-and-paste references for a web-search, or easily drop out and pick up the thread later – all of which are the virtues of a good written essay?
    Good luck with a new format, of course. I'll be back here with the on-screen text, unless it goes away completely in favor of the new media order.

  • A monthly podcast sounds great. My favorite once-a-month podcast just went on indefinite hiatus, so there's room in my queue. #292 #GetEdHeard

  • Patreon has disrupted the Annual Wheedle! Truly, this is a new paradigm in the giving-G&T-money space.

    As a long-time reader, and occasional Wheedle donor, let me repeat what I have been saying since the first time someone said "Hey, you should do a podcast": Don't do a fucking podcast.

  • Jack the Cold Warrior says:

    Been reading G&T since 2004 or 5.. and up for a podcast… Keep us posted!

    #GetEdRead. #GetEdHeard….

  • I don't do podcasts for the previously mentioned reasons.
    I even like this odd font you use.
    Gin and Tacos
    Charles Pierce
    Juanita Jean

    Every damn day.

  • Am voting for the written word, but the spoken word's good, too.
    Will stick with reading for now.
    Perhaps take a gradual course. Don't know.

  • I'm in.
    I'm torn on the "exclusive content" idea. Don't people want to proudly share your content, thereby promoting your work while simultaneously demonstrating their "in" status?

    Eh, do a podcast if you want, but I won't be listening. Declined the merchandise, too. [That said, I would probably buy a "the dancing up-on was general and widespread" t-shirt.]

    Wow…several people are in for $25/month? Are they planning to bail after a few months or something?

  • I listen to podcasts every day so I can say with some measure of expertise on the matter that this could be an interesting thing for you to explore. Some of what I listen to? The Daily (Michael Barbaro), The Gist (Mike Pesca), The Weeds (Vox), Slate's Hang Up and Listen, Political Gabfest, Trumpcast, WTF (Marc Maron), Deep State Radio, Rational Security, The Bugle, This American Life, The Young Turks, Politically Re-Active. And yeah, I listen to PodSaveAmerica. It's very bro-ey but these guys spent years close to the president and have working knowledge of how things work. (Interestingly, they are doing live shows across the country. When they announced their last series of shows, they sold out in a matter of hours so they have definitely found an audience and are therefore making their company financially viable.)

    There is a ton of good/great content out there and barely enough time in the day to listen to it all but if you can do it well, you would find an audience.

  • Ed, I am still pondering why a podcast is better than an essay. Or why a talented, hilarious and informative writer needs to move to another medium.

    Or why a genius sculptor needs to be assigned the Sistine ceiling. But never mind that.

    I just wanted to point out that you'll never leave academia. You'll simply move the lecture hall to the open plains, with all America as your classroom. And no tests to grade, ever. (swelling music, orchestra, chorus and crashing cymbals, view of purple mountains)

  • "Or why a genius sculptor needs to be assigned the Sistine ceiling."

    From my slow meandering read of "Michaeangelo and the Pope's Ceiling", it seems that the original plan WAS for sculptures and then got downsized due to the ongoing cost of settling lawsuits against paedophile priests.

    Okay, that bit about settling lawsuits is made up–when you got Tomas de Torquemada and his boys on your bench who's gonna sue?

  • Serious question:

    How often will the podcast come out? If it’s once a month I could spring for something higher, but if you’re doing once a week I’m downgarding to chimney sweep.

    Anybody know the answer?

  • Just so you know, Ed, Patreon recently jacked up its fees quite a bit, so now lots of creators are actually telling their backers to stop funding them through the website, just so Patreon can’t get the extra $$$, or at least they’ll understand if any of their backers don’t want to do it anymore. (Yes, you read that correctly: Creators are telling backers not to give them money, if only to make sure Patreon doesn’t take home more.)

    Chalk this up to another example of somebody (in this case, Patreon) getting greedy?

  • hey ed, long time reader, short time user of this email. lemme know if you want any audio/tech tips. i imagine you can handle it, but if you're looking for advice… best of luck and looking forward to finding out what weird voice must go with that weird brain ;)

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