I am finally done and while I'm afraid many aspects of this production are a bit rough, I hope you like the content.

Episode 001 features an interview with Climate Group CEO Helen Clarkson, the history of impeachment before it became part of the Constitution, the story of USPS Missile Mail, the Corpse Reviver #2 for Cocktail of the Month, and a reading by author Andrew Bentley.

Special thanks to Patreon subscribers for their support, Zachary Sielaff for his assistance with the audio engineering, and the bands that graciously allowed me to use their music: Waxeater, IfIHadAHiFi, Oscar Bait, and The Sump Pumps.

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It's available on LibSyn and SoundCloud, and yes I'm working on getting it added to other podcast sources like iTunes and Google Play.


  • What kind of microphone are you using? The poor acoustics of your closet can be mitigated by using a mic with a directional, or "cardioid", pickup pattern. You will need to work the mic carefully, though, to avoid the dreaded "p" pops.

    Loved the sponsor announcement at the beginning!

    Do drink recipe submissions have to include Gin as an ingredient?

  • Nice! I agree with ronzie. A decent directional mic will minimize the echos, especially if you can put some sound buffering behind it and behind you. I would also suggest a pop filter (not expensive) and a shock mount to dampen vibrations from your own movement (only a little more expensive).

    The content is really solid and your speaking voice and cadence are great so you're set there. Of those three things, the sound quality is by far the easiest to fix.

  • Agree with ronzie and Nate ; best to record with the least amount of echo (since the early reflections are going to muddy the sound) and add any reverb in post.

    The biggest problem with recording "in a closet" is that the walls are relatively close, so the sound reflections are relatively loud in comparison to the source sound (your voice). If you can, try to knock down the echo by making the surfaces around you less uniform and/or less solid (foam).

  • Good episode, but capitalism won't and can't solve global warming. Cap and Trade is basically bullshit and pumping out consumer goods based on hydrocarbons is still a massively profitable value proposition.

    Trump just increased tariffs on solar panels by 30%. This is going to severely restrict the growth of renewables in the US on a purely corporate-value basis. Basically, oligarchy won't let go without significant and structural changes.

  • This was so much fun to listen too!

    Don't get too hung up on the sound quality, I don't think most listeners care as much as podcasters think they do. I sure don't. The only thing that really bugs me is when the volume level is all over the place, and you managed that just fine.

  • Maria Ascarrunz says:

    Enjoyed the conversation with Ms. Clarkson and the impeachment segment the most.

    Small note: You sat Lillet Blanc for the Corpse Reviver cocktail is extremely bitter? Lillet Blanc is not bitter at all, it's a sweetish wine. I understand that it used to contain quinine, but no longer does. I have it at home often and there's no bitterness to it.

  • The Clarkson interview was a bit of ho-hum (maybe the transmission was partly at fault), but interviews usually fail unless they're full of revelations. Bentley made me soil myself. You are so quick on your feet as to be awesome. Please continue.

  • "Well, Ben Franklin didn't get syphilis so that we could surrender Miami to a bunch of pregnant sea turtles, and neither did I! Erosion!"

    That line right there… is how I died.

    The whole podcast is awesome. Can't wait for the next episode!

  • Liked the podcast very much, especially the Erosion piece and the interview with Helen Clarkson. I'm one of the olds so I have a hard time understanding accents these days. By any chance is there a transcript of the Clarkson interview? I missed parts of it that I really wanted to get. The part about coal being a culture was fascinating and how renewables don't have that advantage, yet.

  • Excellent job. Really enjoyed it! Will recommend it to friends. Also looking forward to trying the Corpse Reviver 2 this weekend–when I'm drinking away the tension of all my 12hr shifts. Many thanks!

  • Podcast was just excellent. Can't wait for the next one.

    A note on Lillet Blanc, however: it's neither "bitter" nor "sour." Not sure what you're drinking. Better described as moderately sweet, floral.

  • faintly mcabre says:

    You did an outstanding job, and I'm dying for the next episode already. I'll listen to this one again until then, with special appreciation for Andrew Bentley, who is utterly amazing.
    On a different note, I am the sort of person that keeps Lillet Blanc in the fridge at all times. I am not, most of the time, a precision bartender (though from my experience of Doing Things The Right Way, your Corpse Reviver recipe is absolutely spot on and terrific)… For more uses of Lillet Blanc: on a day of unbearable heat and humidity, stack some ice cubes in a Collins glass, pour in some gin and a good-sized splash of Lillet blanc, throw in a couple of lemon slices, and top with club (I use my own soda stream water.) Refill until you don't care how humid it is. There are more things one can do with Lillet Blanc, too, but that is an enduring favorite for me, even when it is not hot and humid.

  • I haven't made it through the entire episode yet, but the first half was very impressive for an initial effort. Production was great, and you clearly have mountains of experience speaking in front of an audience. I had some good chuckles, too. Well done.

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