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Let's just consider the Hannity thing a gift. It is not substantive or important, but watching these idiots react when they get cornered is one of the few silver linings of being alive right now. For people who had to suffer through McCarthy, this must be what it felt like when Ol' Joe was on his last legs, done in by alcoholism, hubris, and stupidity.

Also, tonight was the first time I have attempted to watch Hannity in probably fifteen years, and I still cannot believe that people actually watch this. Imagine watching this every night. Think about what that would do to your brain after a couple years.

24 thoughts on “"IT'S AFRAID!"”

  • It's an amusing development.

    Things seem on track to be increasingly nuts as the year goes on, and it's worth keeping in mind that the first four months have been certifiable.

  • IANAL, but wouldn't Hannity _want_ to claim Cohen had given him legal counsel, so as to have case that any files Cohen has re: Hannity might fall under attorney / client privilege?

    I mean, this is giving way too much credit to the asshats for trying to suss out _logical _ reasons for their actions but whatever. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

    Also, how likely is it Cohen set up a hush-payment to a Hannity mistress? Very!

  • Hannity has the most extreme Backpfeifengesicht of all time, so this is a moment of the greatest schadenfreude.

    Michael Cohen, on the other hand, manages to look panicky, totally sure the guy he's talking to is about to stab him, and guilty. He's the guy I want as my lawyer, for sure.

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    Hannity makes Bill O’Reilly look like Sun Tzu by comparison. He’s a race-baiting meathead GOP shill, full stop, which I guess makes his shtick more durable than that of someone with pretensions to personal integrity.

  • Gerald Parks says:

    Well … last night Sean had his very own interrogation … errrahh … interview by MRS Hannity!
    Went something like this …
    Sooo Sean … exactly what did YOU need fixing by THE Fixer?
    TMZ … if you are listening … please find the video, audio and/or cell phone recordings of THAT conversation!
    The reporters AND late night comedians WILL bigley reward you!
    AND the American public will laugh its collective asses off!

  • I heard Comey say "None of this is okay" on NPR this morning. I think he needs a G&T shirt.

    And Hannity? I'm guessing Cohen probably helped him with some kind of shady investment scheme with Russian oligarchs. And probably something involving a 9-year old Hindu boy. Step right up!

  • This:

    "I wrote at the time of Hannity's latter remarks that if he calls himself a journalist, he ought to be judged as such. But Seaman told me Tuesday that “we can't apply traditional journalistic standards to Sean Hannity. He may call himself some type of journalist, but I think a reasonable viewer knows he's not an impartial observer.”"

    is from the WaPo story that came out an hour ago, here:


    I suspect that the "reasonable" cohort of Inanity's audience is negligible.

  • @wetcasements

    Hannity is stuck between wanting to say that Cohen had never given him legal counsel (therefore preserving whatever microscopic atoms of journalistic credibility he may have had) and wanting to say that Cohen had (therefore preserving attorney-client privilege). You could see his brain breaking as he tried to wrestle with the dilemma.

    In the end, he tried to split the baby, and said that he paid Cohen “10 bucks” to establish attorney-client privilege, but that Cohen never represented him and he never paid legal fees to Cohen. That could only make sense to an MAGA-idiot Republican, which, to be fair to Hannity, is the entirety of his audience.

  • Jim Tarrant says:

    Looking at Thumbhead is awful enough but I can't imagine also listening to his Trump fawning garbage.

    But what is really interesting and cary about Cohen is his deep ties to the Russian mafia in both NY and Russia. It apparently is one of the big reasons he has such a close relationship with Trump as well. He has been associated with them since he was a kid.

    I think we're going to find out that the entire Trump family is deeply involved in organized crime from Russia and in the US and that they will all almost certainly be charged with conspiracy against the United States as have Manafort and Gates.

  • "money-laundering for the Russian mob … money ends up in real estate"

    New York State goosed the laundering of money into real estate in the 1990s when it created its Limited Liability Company laws. NYS LLCs are wildly popular with mobsters and confidence artists and people seeking anonymity because LLC owners – unlike corporate owners – are hidden from researchers, hidden from the public. And within an LLC, it is incredibly easy for an LLC's owners (called "members") to shuffle its ownership around.
    Afaict, only subpoenas can penetrate and expose the startup owners of LLCs.

  • I assume Bannon was correct when he was quoted in Fire and Fury.

    “This is all about money laundering. Mueller chose [senior prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to … Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr and Jared Kushner. … ”

    The idea that Trump contributed $100M of his own money to his presidential campaign when the expected outcome was a loss is such a fairy tale.

    It might be a fairy tale that Trump has $100M.

  • "My God, the comments section at Rolling Stone is mind blowing."

    Thanks for the warning. I wasn't thinking about going but now I'm definitely not going. I've been venting so much spleen that I'm splenemic–I was to go to some weirdass place like RS's comment section when it's crawling with Trumpliguobots or the KKKristborg might cost all my precious, precious bodily fluids.

  • Listen, I understand this is far off the main point, but I do have an ax to grind, so jump forward if you don't want to here a self-centered complaint.

    "…done in by alcoholism, hubris, and stupidity."

    Speaking as an alcoholic who's had a hell of a time staying sober, I hope you'll confine your contempt of McCarthy to the fact that he was the asshole after whom McCarthyism is named. Jesus, death by alcoholism is something you really wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

  • Yeah, I'm probably fooling myself, but I sometimes think I can remember what that felt like, when Tailgunner Joe was goin' down. Heck, I was, what, 14, 15? And I'm 80 now. Memory is funny that way. Anyway, I'm really into schadenfreude. Mostly toward rightists. I was really pleased to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz go down. I hope it happens to Chuck "the Banks own Congress" Schumer and other celebrities of the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party, who have been in charge for so long.

  • @ Foxtrotsky:

    Having come from an alcoholic family and dealing with theirs, as well as my own, irrational behaviour around drinking I understand your point.

    OTOH, those motherfuckers dying of something that destroys them them in as painful a way as they destroy–with absolute glee, the lives of others–yeah, I'm fine with that.

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