The website is undergoing a substantial update to make it more friendly to mobile devices.

The complaints that it was difficult to read if not on a laptop/pc/etc were increasing in frequency and urgency.

If any interruptions occur, thanks for your patience. Content will resume shortly if things go dark.

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8 thoughts on “PIVOT TO LIKE, 2013 I GUESS”

  • Jack the Cold Warrior says:

    Sigh. I like it the way it is. If some want it mobile friendly! Thejy can go to G & T on Facebook.

    But as long as there's no adverts, except for G & T products, I can live with it…

  • Tell me that there ain't goan be no, like, uh, Taco Bell or Hot new gin brand that's on a crawler or nearly invisible "roll-over" button. I like my gin and tacos the same way as I've always had it: made from scratch using locally sourced (if unidentifiable ingredients) and served up in a number of enormously satisfying ways.

    Also, too, can we just have the stuff go through the "mechanical separation" process* after you've picked all of the trollturdz** out of it? Those who want that crap can have it on the side.

    * IF you don't know what that process is and you like Murkan Forcemeat, do NOT investigate any links. Just sayin'.

    ** Assorted baseless assertions, appeals to non-existent authority, KKKonservawhoopers and Liberpublilies.

  • Finally. Thank you. Also, don't forget to put the favicon back in place! Those things are really useful.

  • In the laptop of yours truly, the new font is a bit too bold, and it is heavy for the eyes. Any typeface slightly thinner would do, many thanks.

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  • Thank fuck. I offered to help with this ages ago. :p

    Also, when is Gin and Tacos' version of Poochie getting rolled out?

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