By (actual, not pretend) popular demand on the Facebook group, I'm doing another run of the suddenly very appropriate "None of this is OK" shirts. The front design remains unchanged (as pictured here) but if the screenprinter can accommodate it, I'm going to have the reverse text ("Gin and Tacos") replaced by small text on one sleeve this time. Looks a little more stylish, or at least it's something different.

Other details that remain unchanged: Navy blue Canvas (or BellaCanvas for Women's) shirts, Unisex/Men's in crewneck and Women's in V-neck. Canvas sizing chart available here. Sizes S – XXL in either Unisex or Women's. Contact me if you need 3XL – sometimes they are available, but often they aren't. Shoot me a message and I'll do my best.

This is a pre-order and you will receive your shirts in early to mid July, depending on how busy the printer is. $18 (slight upcharge for XXL) plus $4 s/h in the USA, $14 s/h for all other countries. I'm sorry about that, but package shipping overseas (incl. Canada) has gotten incredibly expensive lately.

Domestic Orders (USA)

International Orders


  • terraformer says:

    For the 1,000,000th time, please consider offering tall sizes. You're tall; you should know why tall folks need that extra length.

  • As it happens, I’m wearing my None of this is ok t-shirt while ordering a second, because things are doubly not ok right now. Or maybe just because I get so many compliments on it, I want to have another while this one is in the wash.

  • David Ellis says:

    FYI progressive folks. GnT deleted my comments and blocked me on Facebook when I suggested that we work with current Democratic leadership instead of staging an all out 3rd party rebellion. But I’m sure the shirts are super comfy. Read this quickly, and call out censorship wherever you see it. Namaste…?

  • Quick question, can anyone describe the fit? Like are the larges pretty big for a typical large, or do all of these run a little small? I always have trouble choosing between l and XL and have a drawer full of unworn shirts in both sizes because of it. Some xls are huge, some ls are very small. Thanks ahead.

  • Yo Vic:
    Womens' size runs a little snug. I believe I got a large and it is a smidge tighter than I care for. Of course, the mens sizes may be completely different…
    But I get compliments on the shirt every time I wear it.

  • I don't buy shirts that have other people's names, ever.

    I rarely buy shirts that have cutesy slogans of any sort.

    I DO have a large collection of very nice, "name shirts" (I'm wearing one now, "The Peterborough Canoe Company"–Peterborough, Ont.); they were all given to me by a friend who happens to be my size and makes approximately 50 times what I live on. He's a very nice man and a friend for over 40 years whose wife makes him get rid of things when his closet is too cluttered–or maybe he's lying about that so I won't feel bad being a "charity case"–a wasted effort, I don't mind charity when I need some. {;>)

    I do have a few special tees. One of them, purchased for $1.99 @ a $sortastore nearly 15 years ago, says:

    "Here's a little hint; I don't care.". Yellow lettering on blue. It's always drawn comments from people–especially the ones who know how easy it is to yank my chain about shit that I DO care about. But I wore it last Thursday (IIRC) and I had a number of people ask me if I wore it in response to the jacket worn by First Softpornlady, Melanoma. I had no idea what they were talking about until someone googled the image for me.

    WTF? Is it at the point where these assholes don't think that anything they do actually matters?

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