Two things to be aware of from late last week.

One is a piece at Dissent Magazine on the many forms of voter suppression and some ideas on how to combat them in the short term. It doesn't offer magic wand solutions, but I think you know not to expect that from me by now. However, until the proper long-term solutions can be enacted (e.g., electing people who don't intend to actively suppress the vote) we have to do what we can for now.

The second is a Mass for Shut-ins Minicast – the second one of these shorter ~5 minute podcasts with a self-contained topic – on the origin of the phrase "Mass for Shut-ins" which was originally a program broadcast on WGN-TV Chicago from 1962 to 1992. Listen to learn more, and subscribe so you don't miss episodes.

3 thoughts on “CONTENT GENERATION”

  • I work as a tax preparer. This year, the e-file forms required a picture ID number (there was an allowance that perhaps some people do not have Drivers License). When some people asked why that was a requirement all of a sudden I said "they are getting you used to picture ID's for voting requirements." Thank you, Ohio.

  • I remember "Mass for Shut Ins" well as a WGN Aficionado growing up in Chicago. The reference likely travels well beyond you and I, since cable in the 1980's was just WGN Chicago.
    Mass for Shut Ins was a legit Catholic Service on Sunday mornings, and likely the service of choice for many South-side babushkas.

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