Two pieces landed simultaneously this morning, one about the absence of a GOP legislative agenda and the other about how Trump is affecting public opinion among Republicans.

In The Nation I point out that for the rest of 2018 – continuing the trend from the first half of the year – the GOP has no legislative agenda it is actually trying to pass. During unified control by one party of the Senate, House, and White House, this is unprecedented. It's tempting to chalk it all up to the Trump Scandal Vortex derailing normal politics, but it goes deeper than that. After decades of ranting about Activist Judges, the GOP now appears quite satisfied to sit back and allow the courts and the unelected parts of the Federal government enact their agenda for them.

Over at The Week, I have a little more political science-oriented piece about Republican public opinion on issues like tariffs and Russia where the Trump position diverges from the rest of the GOP. Spoiler alert: they're following the man, not the party.

I've been a busy beaver the last few days.

6 thoughts on “TACO TUESDAY”

  • Pete Gaughan says:

    True that they're not doing much; I would guess that the agenda items of cutting SS & Medicare are scheduled for the winter. Isn't it normal for Congress to stop working about now anyway in an even-numbered year?

  • Obsequious and protean. Whatever the GOP can loot from this wanton deregulation frenzy remains the predominant factor. Trump is just the barbaric lummox who allowed the wingnut riot to unfurl. After the coffers have been sufficiently depleted, and no reason is left to give a damn about the public sector, the voices of conservatism will pretend it was always beyond their domain of expertise to interfere with "the will" of the American psyche. It's been 40 years in the making.

  • Watching heads explode at Trump is about the only consolation prize about Trump i can think of. and the Republican base loves it!!

    Business may hem and haw about Trump, but Trump is their Frankenstein. they created him and hopefully, their Frankenstein will take the Swamp down with him. problem is all the rest of us are going down too.

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