So my vacation photos, notably this one, inspired queries about where one can get one's own Clurb sticker.

Well, the answer is right here, mailed to your home or whatever random address you choose for $4.50. They hold up pretty well on bumpers in addition to luggage, instrument cases, and the like.

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2 thoughts on “YOU WILL BE DANCED UPON”

  • I don't require the sticker, Ed.

    I got me a suitcase, also, too.

    I WOULD like to have someone buy me a ticket to any of several european destinations. Just please don't get me one for any "shithole counties*".

    * Is not mlisepled, they are the counties in most of the former CSA and suthrun leanin' northern states.

  • Prairie Bear says:

    I have this perverse urge to watch the next episode of The View. I have this notion that the slavering sycophancy, etc., over McCain will be so excruciatingly awful that it will be good. Perhaps someone will watch so I don't have to? Hint hint?

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