I have a new thing at The Nation about the need for the new Democratic House to do whatever they can to fix the 2020 Census. Trump and his Commerce Department appointees have done what they can to manipulate it, and the consequences of a botched Census will last well beyond a Trump presidency.

No idea whether this is even on the radar of anyone in the leadership, but it should be.

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  • Done what they can. It depends. How ideological and shameless can they stand to be. Asking about citizenship is just the start.

    Administrative insiders could alter the standards for vehicle markings to demand that all vehicles used by census-takers and administrators have a large confederate flag on each door. Because reasons.

    They could alter the dress code of census-takers and demand they all wear white robes and pointy white hoods with eye-holes. SS uniforms might also work.

    I wouldn't put it past the Trump administration.

  • I don't remember who, but I was watching MSNBC and they had a Dem House member on, and the Census was his first priority come January. Or at least questioning Wilbur Ross about the Census.

  • Democrats think that "questioning Wilbur Ross" is the start and finish of what needs to be done about the Census.

    Almost certainly, the Republicans are going to deliver a massively biased Census that will cut a couple percent off of Democratic representation, and that will be the law of the land for the next ten years.

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