The special post-election episode of Mass for Shut-ins is now available. Question Cathy and I devote the whole 'cast to mailbag questions about the midterms.
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Topics we cover include the national popular vote, ranked-choice voting, Beto-mania, the Democratic disadvantage for taking back the Senate, and the best ways to get involved and do something other than feel angry.

Minicast soon to follow! Also working hard at the moment on a Deadspin piece (NHL expansion to Seattle), a Baffler piece, and my first-ever non-academic article in real print – like, on paper!
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– for an upcoming Baffler. More posts here as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “MASS FOR SHUT-INS EPISODE 011”

  • Hey, Ed; in keeping with our now two year, 325 days +/- of Trumpligulamygdalism in our rearviews, don't you think it might be appropriate to re-title, "Mass for Shit-ons" comes to mind.

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