Donald Trump is a weak president on the path to what can only be described as a failed presidency. I won't bore you with the extended "Neustadt is still the best" dive into the political science, especially since Matt Glassman already covered that exhaustively and there's little I can add to it.

That is not to say, Donald Trump's ideas are bad (they are) or that he is a terrible person (he is). It is to say that he is really, really bad at being president. He is an almost comically bad negotiator, and the one absolutely unassailable conclusion Neustadt drew is that bargaining and negotiation are the keys to a president getting anything he wants. Since the president lacks power to simply command Congress and other actors to obey him, he has to find a way to convince them that his interests are worth pursuing.

In that way and by any other measure, he simply is awful at this. A guy the media uncritically allowed to pitch himself as some kind of master Deal Maker is, in reality, so bad at negotiating that it's getting a little hard to believe. Alternating between braying invective and transparently insincere appeals for "unity" is a sign of how weak and ineffectual he is. Neustadt is an old piece of political science and many other interpretations of presidential power have since been written, but I am one of the many who believe he fundamentally got it right (if not in every detail). Presidents who can't negotiate are failures.

That said, I've been thinking a lot lately about how – now and in the future – to incorporate Trump into the minor national pastime of evaluating and ranking presidents. That's unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But other than looking at the small data set, declaring Trump an outlier, and pretending these four years didn't happen I see his presidency as incompatible with any attempt at analysis – including Glassman's (wholly accurate) application of Neustadt.

Here's the thing: Donald Trump isn't even trying to be president in any sense that the job of the president is understood. An analogy might illustrate my point best. Imagine you wanted to rank the (53 x 2) 106 quarterback performances in the Super Bowl. But you didn't have 106 quarterbacks – you had 105, and then this one guy who showed up on game day wearing a loincloth, swinging around a baseball bat, and making no effort to play the game at all. He simply showed up, preened for the crowd, and screamed "Fuck you!" at the referees for three hours.

In one sense, you could easily look at that list and say he is 106th of 106. But in another sense you can't even rank him on the same list as the others. It's not merely that he played a bad game (as players 104 and 105 obviously did). It's that he was playing an entirely different game that nobody else during, before, or since was playing. His goals and motives were wholly his own and largely inscrutable.

It is entirely possible that aside from Trump's commitment to rapacious tax cuts for the wealthy and his puerile obsession with The Wall, there is nothing he is even trying to do. In that light it is incorrect to say he's a weak, crappy president. He simply isn't the president at all in any meaningful sense. He spends most of his day doing nothing. He is on vacation more than he is in the White House. His goal seems to be nothing more than getting attention (at which he is very good, thus he probably considers himself a success by that criterion).

In the end it's an apples / oranges problem. Forty-four presidents were attempting to drive a bus, and then you have this other guy who wanted to blow up the bus and refused to drive it. It's not clear at all that the 45th guy even belongs in the conversation. There's a difference between doing something poorly and simply not doing it at all.

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  • I feel like there is no chance that children of the 22nd century won't study Trump, even if America doesn't survive that long. Whatever else happens to him, he's secured his place in history at least, and that's maddening.

  • Too few data points yet, but Trump may turn out to be closer to average, if compared only to “Pick handle” Republican Presidents. He looks terrible compared to Gerald R. Ford, but not that much worse than George W. Bush. I fear that there’s going to be more like him in the future, and working with that base will be incompatible with being an effective President.

  • "as players 104 and 105 obviously did."

    Somebody doesn't like low-scoring football games or is not a Rams or Patsies fan.

    Two teams that wound up winning the playoffs (yeah, I understand that there were some horrible calls during the playoffs–just like there have been in some of the OTHER uncounted thousands of NFL games since the dawn of the league–both had to have reasonably good defensive and offensive players, tactics and strategies to win at least 14 of 18-19 games. Not buyin' into the "No offense", although I will buy into the whole, "no points scored" thing. My neighbor was thrilled with the first quarter score–he won $800 in a pool. I told him he owed my a deuce, 'cuz, while I'm not that tight with Tommie Don'tBow, me and Gisselle, we go waaaaaaaaay back and I put in a call just before kickoff asking that she tell Bill & Tom to hold off on scoring in the first quarter and to make CERTAIN that the Rams didn't either. I'm still waiting for my money!

    "I wonder how historians will look at “the Donald” in the future.
    The XXI Century’s Nero?"

    The way I look at a Circus Train Wreck?

    I've called the PouterUS, "Trumpligulamygdala" since early in his term, 'cuz it just occurred to me that is as capricious as Caligula and seems only to utilize his amygdala for, well, anything.

    In retrospect, I realize it is an inapt comparison. He is more like what came out of the south end of the crazed roman despot's northbound pony.

  • I think anyone paying attention now, or who saw his face before accepting Clinton's concession, has deduced that he never wanted to be president in the first place. He wanted publicity, a book deal, another TV show, and the sunday shows in perpetuity. This has cost him an astonishing amount already and may very well cost him everything in the end.

    His taxes are a perfect example. I've become convinced he doesn't want to reveal them because they show he's broke, living off laundered mob money and serial debt rotation. He knew he couldn't withstand this much sunlight.

  • I don't think it was the plan, but I think the Republicans will make the most of Trump being the one to take the poison chalice that this Presidency was always likely to be. For the smart betting, the real power is in the legislatures and the courts, campaign finance corruption and the troughs of the military industrial complex, while for the low-information base there is always only the President. He and the America that stabs him in the back will be the ones who fail the base, and maybe the Party turns around with its usual mendacity and coaxes the racists back to the ballot box a few more times to give the donor class some electoral cover – or maybe the Party goes all-in on voter suppression and lets White rural America sink into unmourned oblivion. If Trump has a legacy it's that he truly shit the bed for any up and coming aspiring White nationalist demagogues, and I'm good with that.

  • At this point, he runs a poor third for the worst president of my lifetime.
    Reagan and Bush were far worse and did more lasting damage.

    He hasn't started a war. His tax cut package was basically par for the course for a Republican Presidents. His regulatory changes to the environment are pretty easily undone.

    This is not to say he isn't all sorts of terrible. But what he is focused on (the Wall) isn't really that important in the end.

  • Trump is better understood as a late medieval monarch than a modern head of government. He doesn't have policy objectives as they are commonly understood; what he wants is personal glory and admiration. He doesn't care in the slightest what institutions he trashes; he sees that as a strength, but more often than not it's a weakness, as the institutions are more than capable of pushing back against his vainglorious ideas. Trump is like a less competent version of Henry VIII of England (who was not a very competent king in the first place).

  • @ mojrim:


    @ Anubis Bard:

    This is one of Herr Hitler's comment on the 25th Anniversary (2/24/1945) of the Nazi Party's formation.

    "Wenn der Krieg verloren ist, wird auch die Nation zugrunde gehen. Dieses Schicksal ist unvermeidlich. Es ist nicht notwendig, die Grundlage zu berücksichtigen, die die Menschen benötigen, um auch nur eine primitive Existenz bestehen zu können. Im Gegenteil, es wird besser sein, diese Dinge selbst zu zerstören, weil sich diese Nation als die schwächere erwiesen hat und die Zukunft nur der stärkeren östlichen Nation (Russland) gehören wird [1]. Übrigens sind die, die nach der Schlacht bleiben werden, nur die minderwertigen, denn die guten waren alle kille"

    It could have been translated to english with a few minor revisions:

    "If the Trumpligulan Wall Against Terarism (TWAT) is lost, the nation will also perish. This fate is inevitable. There is no necessity to take into consideration the basis which the people will need to continue even a most primitive existence. On the contrary, it will be better to destroy these things ourselves, because this nation will have proved to be the weaker one and the future will belong solely to the stronger eastern nation (Russia)–and you will have to mow your own lawns, clean your own pools and mind your own children, after having your throats slit by cantaloupe-calved cocaine couriers with obsidian warhammers! Besides, those who will remain after the battle are only the inferior ones, for the good ones have all been killed."

    and put on the Trumpenprompter last evening.

    Not only would his base have loved, most of the "professional journalists" would have said things like, "Brilliant, if a bit over the top!", "He's only saying what MANY Americans are thinking!", "You can't make an omelette without you don't put in some chopped ham, cheddar and a splash of hot sauce".

    Okay, maybe not the last one, but you know I'm right, right?

  • "Ironically his incompetence makes him a less bad President than others."

    It makes him a less EFFECTIVE bad president. As for the environment, legislation can be changed, possibly, by a less rapacious Congress. The damage can NOT be undone by any legislation or, likely, by any act of man.

  • @ Talisker:

    Interesting AND prolly as close to accurate as it can be given his "Policy decisions by Chickenshit Bingo" approach to governance and diplomacy.

    I will continue to think of him as Chauncey Gardiner's less able and mindlessly malevolent, long-lost twin brother.

  • I think Ed and several of the posters above me underestimate exactly how malignant Trump is – his cabinet appointees are consistently not merely incompetent or corrupt, as one might expect from someone who didn't want to be President in the first place; they're almost always people who have long histories of being vocally opposed to the function they are being appointed to fulfill (eg, State, Education, Interior, Environment, etc.).

    This seems to me to be consistent enough as to be non-random, which makes Trump less a non-President than an Anti-President, in the sense of someone who is actively rather than passively destructive to the function of the US government.

  • @democommie If the Trumpkins really would prefer death to sharing this country with people they don't like, I'll chip into their GoFundMe for a giant bag of fentanyl if they promise to hurry the hell up. As the late Bill Hicks said, "there is no excuse for what you do. You are fucked and you are fucking us."

  • He's like the flaming Hindenburg crashing onto the deck of the sinking Titanic.

    And the Titanic is carrying a cargo of burning toxic waste barrels.

    Plus all the toilets on the Titanic are overflowing.

    And the whole mess is about to be picked up by Hurricane Katrina and deposited on shore.

  • schmitt trigger says:

    Reading the comments above, has made me to reflect….

    Indeed, Trump all by itself, has fulfilled the wettest dream of all past Soviet leaders:
    Opened the widest gap between the US and Europe since WW2's end.

  • Trump's popularity seems to be, in many ways, a mirror of the demographic he is popular with. Absent his sturm and drang, he's just a boring, not terribly bright, failure. Much like the people who love him to death. That entire segment of the population has almost nothing contribute to any conversation if you take away the screaming about minorities, blind rage, and entirely too intense fixation on guns. What is the average bro-dozer driver if you take away his beard, truck, MAGA hat, molon aabe tattoo, everything jocking the military, and boomy shooty fetish devices? Not terribly much.

  • @ Major Kong:

    And he's standing on the bridge screaming at the Captain:

    "I demand that you hit that iceberg and teach the eskimoes a lesson!".

    AND, He's KING ofthe WORDL!!

    Of course, there's always the Larson Cartoon of the building that's on fire, going over the falls.

    @ Matt:

    Don't tease us, like that!

    @ Schmitt Trigger:

    What the oligarchs usually don't understand until that last moment of their lives gives them insight is that they can't buy immortality.

  • I just got back from playing trivia with two economics profs and a history guy (it might be history of economics). We came in second in a field of 14 teams and will go absolutely crazy spending the whomping $10 prize.

    Prior to that, I was idling in another shithole dive and two guys at the end of the bar started talking about how classless and rude Nancy Pelose was towards King Orange-O-Taint last night. I got a bit loud from the other end with:

    "Donald Trump is a lying, fucking scumbag and a hypcrite. It's okay with me if you like him, but he's a lying fucking scumbag and hypocrite."

    These two fellas, both of whom I know a bit, stared at me. And then, one said to the other people who were sitting at that end of the bar:

    "And THAT is why we don't discuss politics at this bar!".

    He wasn't being edgy, just clueless.

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They endanger peace and the Qur'an says that the mischief-makers (and you are one of them, Michael) are being punished with appalling punishment. You know yourself that Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala punishes you every day. Why? Because you are a disgusting, provocative and unnecessary mischief-maker. Well, Mr. Stürzenberger. You have a blow and you have to live with it. Well, it's your bloody bad luck and not ours. We faithful Muslims (like me) will NEVER change us. The Qur'an says that Allah will complete His light. No matter how many times you insult Islam. This means that the time is coming when more than 90% of people convert to Islam and by the way, there are so many of us. You will LOSE, Mr. Stürzenberger. You will lose. Now I know why you are called "Stürzenberger" with your surname because you are plunging deeper and deeper every day in your level. xDtoo laugh. Gosh, you are stupid and ridiculous. You are one of the people who believe everything you hear. Be it in the news, on the Internet, in the newspapers and so on. They are media-savvy and bully believing Muslims, so you invest more money and live at the expense of others. In particular, the shit ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Just because they mention "Allah U Akbar" and other verses in the Koran, so that ISIS has a reason to kill us real Muslims and other innocent people. They abuse Islam just as you do. They behave the same way as the ISIS and then you wonder why we are upset. In truth, you are aggressive, unfriendly, provocative, pathetic and a PURE TIME-DAMAGE to me. But leave out your frustration so you can say that we Muslims are the perpetrators and you make sacrifices. It's the other way around. They are truly the perpetrators and we are the innocent. Because of our innocence and because Islam is the true religionof God, since September 11th and 9/11 so many of us have been killed so people like you can invest more money. Rather, we are killed for NOTHING. People like you are the problem, Mr Stürzenberger. And with all my heart I pray to Allah that every day you suffer more and more from depression that you already have. The ISIS is intentionally over-hyped in the media so that the media can gain ratings and viewers (and you are one of them), and thereby invest more money. Above all, I saw in one of your videos that the stupid cops were standing behind you. You've been desperate to have the police at your side because, firstly, you're a miserable and inferior scarecrow, and secondly, so you can offend us the way you want. They acted like a little kid. When idiots (like you are one) are on your side, you feel "strong." But standing alone with no one on your side makes you look very anxious and swallow your fear. And you realize yourself that you are really a little weakling and I do not want to have anything to do with weaklings. With this attitude, as you behave daily, you will be LUNKED for life and never progress in life. Besides, the police have just a bunch of underexposed and unnecessary bureaucrats in your fucking organization. Since the police hates us, those miserable jokes are the real bad guys. They are corrupt, even arresting, suppressing, beating, insulting, and so on innocent people, etc. But if we defend ourselves from the law against the police, it means "civil servants" and we are arrested for nothing. That's proof that the police are doing what Hitler did to the Jews. Just so they can invest more money themselves, like the judges in the courtroom. The judges only want to convict, whether the defendant is guilty or innocent, whether he is right or wrong. They just want to convict so they can get more money. So these spas earn their daily bread. And you have the same approach, Michael. No matter how many Muslims tell you the truth (as I tell you the truth), you just want to harass us and not accuse Islam of anything. So you can earn their daily bread. That's proof that you're a miserable loser, a bad guy upstairs and a miserable character. In addition, you have proven yourself that you do not comply with German laws and the fucking police do not. So why should we integrate ourselves in the nasty state called "Germany" and stick to the law? Al Hamdulillah, I abide by the laws of God. And Al Hamdulillah I am integrated in Islam. Especially because people like you are afraid of the truth and you do not accept Islam. We should integrate ourselves in this worthless state of failure so that we behave like the stupid society? So that we do what the others ask us to do? And if we behave the way we want, are we suddenly a danger to society just because we are telling the truth and doing the right thing? You are disgusting and a lot of scum. I fuck the society. I do what Allah asks of me and do what I want. People like me accept us as we are. As they say? "I am not in the world to be what you would like me to be". The people in Germany (and you belong to it) I do not care about shit! German or foreigner, DO NOT INTEREST ME! You with your stupid, ridiculous claims that will never get you anywhere in your life. As I said, Mr. STÜRZENberger. Every day, you plunge deeper and deeper into your level. Remember that well. In your eyes, I can read that you are very provocative, unfriendly, aggressive and so on-the-edge. Her face is darkened. A devout Muslim like me, sees it. They are under the influence of the accursed devil. This means that you believe in the devil (like astupid satanist) and serve him. You do not need to wonder that I write the truth about you. That's just the truth you'll NEVER endure. And if you laugh at it, it means that you are crying inside. And in Quran Surah 18 Al Kahf (The Cave), verse 54, it says, "And of all beings, man is the most contentious." That means very clearly that you are contentious and desperately seeking attention in a negative way, without worrying about compromising peace. They are a danger to us real Muslims, as I am one. I promise you that if you die without Islam, you will land on ETERNALS in hell with the other troublemakers and the fire in hell is 70 times stronger than volcanic fire. In contrast, a lighter is nothing. Well, you washcloths. That means you BURN to eternity. Your whole body will burn tremendously. Your body in hell melts like butter and the skin regenerates again. For you to pay the penalty for an eternity. There is no escape. Look forward to it and think about hell if you continue to insult Islam. I swear to god. Here in Germany, you risk a big lip, because people here do absolutely nothing, have to put up with everything (because they have no human rights) and they must be afraid. But imagine if you were in Syria (where the war reigns) or somewhere in another so-called "Islamic" country, you would go into panties. It is still a Hitler state. And since we are not allowed to have any rights (eg freedom of speech), it is still a DICTATURE and the bitch Merkel has taken over Hitler's position and the politicians want to tell us all seriously that Germany is a democratic country. If it were a democracy, why do not we have the right to free speech? Simple, Michael. Because it is still a dictatorship and the Gestapo still exists in modern times. World War III is imminent because of such mischief-makers as you are one. Almighty God punishes you day by day, as mentioned earlier. And the deniers are blinded or petrified day by day in the heart and will never be successful and prosperous in their lives. This is what it says in the Koran. And another thing. The would-be Muslims, who have INTELLIGENTLY misinterpreted many Koran books, are abusing Islam for their own cravings and for investing more money. These Muslims are, in truth, idol worshipers, as stated in the Holy Qur'an. And you are also a miserable idolater because you serve the Devil (in Arabic: "Seytan") and in your stupid videos on Youtube you claim that you are for peace. However, you insult Islam and us Muslims. They say you do not insult us Muslims. There is a lot in the Koran about us Muslims in it. That means you have insulted us. They contradict each other in their own statements. Therefore, I can NOT take such stupid Islam enemies like you seriously. You do not seriously believe that you can insult Islam for all your life. As promised, Allah Almighty will punish you every day and will never find your satisfaction in your heart. This also applies to all other enemies of Islam, who are punished daily and I do not care. She disgusting idolater. People like you do not interest me and will NEVER interest me. I pray to God that they scrape and burn in hell. Then we are true believing Muslims a miserable upper ranks as you finally go.

    Here's a quote from me: "Those who laugh at you are the ones who cry inwardly". And since you laugh at people like me because you do not want to bear the truth, you're crying inside. They are increasingly suffering from day to day, their miserable little child.Never forget that.

    And another thing. Those who start insulting and provoking us as you do with us need not be surprised to call for defense. In fact, think that if you begin to insult us, we must be silent. So that nothing happens to us? We do not like anything and flatten cowards(like you are one). Not even the police will stop us, no matter if those stupid bull sluts have weapons with them. Only Allah can stop us. The police are a joke. You're a pathetic joker like Mario Barth and I hope you die. As already mentioned above. There will come a time when no police will exist. And all people in Germany or around the world are on their own. And you spoiled cockroaches would have wished you had learned self-defense. People like you will be the first ones in danger. Especially when ISIS comes here. Look forward to it, Mr. Stürzenberger.


    And as you can see, you find here part 2:

    BEAUTIFUL reading, you rotten white bread. Take that; You notice that you are suffering severely from your insignificant inferiority complex and that you are overwhelmed with your miserable life and are desperately seeking attention here because you are dissatisfied with worthless Islamophobic minority and you do not bear the truth that Islam is the true religion of the Almighty Allah is. The Koran says, "The unbelievers try to extinguish Allah's light with their mouths, but Allah will complete His light." If you understand brain amputee pear. You can say what you want against Islam. But Allah's Word is law and the Koran also says, "Be and it is". If Allah wants the world (including Germany) to be Islamised then the world will be Islamized and there will be no discussion about it. If you hate any problem with us Muslims, then that is your problem and not ours. Bad for you. You just want to skip your frustration because you are overwhelmed with your miserable life, as mentioned above, and want to let your anger down in the hope that you will feel better. Without worrying about discriminating against us, tolerating discrimination and being unaware of what you do with discrimination. Especially because you find it funny how people suffer from it, so that you have something to laugh about and enjoy yourself at our expense, abusing the German constitution, so that you can live your freedom in this way, by discriminating us or us you want to see dead, you miserable joke. : D Since you have set up with the wrong person. Well, a stupid action is basically followed by a reaction. You risk a big lip and as soon as it gets hard, you pull yourself in the panties, right Miss? XD How pitiful you are. Not to mention you insult Islam and us Muslims, because you have looked in too much in the telly, gullible and believe everything what is reported for a bunch of garbage. The media uses a nasty scum like you, so they can gain ratings and invest money. The media laughs at such miserable jokes as you and you do not even notice. Ha, how pathetic Islamophobic subhumans (like you) are. You claim in one of your comments that you have nothing against us "musels" but only against our religion. First; We Muslims are a part of the Islamic religion or we are also Islam, since we practice Islam and have dealt with it and acquired much more knowledge than their underexposed Islamophobic hollowheads. That means you do not like us Muslims either. So, if you contradict yourself in your ridiculous comments and such Internet gangsters as you, we will not be insulted and as mentioned above – if you have a problem, that's your problem and not ours. I do not like people like LeCanko and the German youtube scene because of its articulation and lack of education, but you're just as argumentatively bad and hunz-miserable. Your comment: "Your personality and your arguments are still ridiculous", says everything about your bad attitude. You are nothing but a naïve waste of time. Above all, you take the nerve to believe and claim that filthy Germany is a democracy, just because it is broadcast in the media and reported, but in reality, the opposite shown is proven. Germany is only a democracy if people behave democratically and accept other-looking and religious people as they are. Rather than being racist, superficial and hostile to religion and endangering peace, because the asocial and subhuman scum society (including you) is overwhelmed with their own lives. In particular, you find the peace boring and want some action and chaos in your life, so you can have fun at our expense, you pitiful and weak upper ranks high 10! You are under the influence of the devil and the Koran also states that the sheytan (in Arabic: "devil") is our obvious enemy and wants to mislead us until the day of the resurrection and you are already misled and Long lost, girl. You want a challenge in terms of arguments. Well, with me you have already bitten directly into the grass. From me you can scrape off, that's not my problem. ;) Goodbye, you Internet hero. XD

    Yes, yes, females. You do not seriously believe that you can hand me the water with your worthless text, you miserable subhuman, right? Especially your spelling shows how stupid you are. You can not do anything to me, girl. Because my faith and love for Allah are stronger than your Islamophobia. All of the Islam haters (including you) in this world are pathetic, meaningless and worthless losers! ;) You talk big on the internet, but you're more of a cowardly rat outside. Personally, I love black people and tolerate them too, but you're the kind of guy with no intelligence in the brain, and because of such weak guys like you, other blacks suffer discrimination and are confronted with the N word and that shows you tolerate discrimination , To make you laugh at how others suffer from your miserable harassment, you'll enjoy yourself at our expense. In the hope that you feel better and live out your freedom in this way and take the impudence out to claim that Germany is a democracy. You "love" Germany and your miserable hometown just so you can let out your miserable frustration to others and because you can not cope with your life. That's not my problem, it's yours. ;) Well, if you think you can bully us, always expect a reaction that there are people who never give up. Even if people like you manage to provoke us, we will continue to fight until the end of the world. Well, that's life. Get used to it! : D Your losing streak will force you mentally to its knees. Hahahahaha xD

    But of course something has moved with you, otherwise you would not have commented back so depressing, but that's just your problem and not mine. You contradict yourself and I will not insult you, be it in person or on the Internet. The Internet is for the sake of pastime and not for cursing people just because in reality you are not getting attention and you are feeling lonely and abandoned. I do not care about you, and besides, I'll always clarify the truth in the name of Allah, and poor Islam opponents like you are irrelevant to me! The Qur'an says that those who cause mischief on earth are punished with terrible punishment. In the end, it means that you sin every day by harassing us Muslims and, above all, cheating on others because no one cares about such a worthless sex doll like you. Not even your own family will keep you as miserable as you are. Because of your evil deeds, you will be punished daily by God and never get the bliss in your heart in your life. I never give up and fight for the rest of my life and you can not do anything to me. Your unnecessary words represent your character and your character is hunz-miserable. You do not have to be surprised that people like me do not like it and give it a reaction. Well, your problem! Above all, I realize that you are overwhelmed with your depression. Since you have been unlucky. ;)

    Well, you fucking German law! If you genuinely believe that you are beginning to discriminate against your religious and other-looking people and people based on a trait, you need not be surprised that people are defending themselves against your discrimination and do not feel called to do so Minor minority as you have to say something and what is also typical German, that you then have to inform the fucking police and yells at you, tells lies stories and turns the situation as if the others were the "perpetrators" and you "Victim". If you think you are intolerant and things that do not meet your expectations and beliefs and you think you must be anti-Muslim, that's your problem and not mine. Your bungled attitude proves that you are an advocate of anarchy and propagandize the bad and fight against the good because you have submitted to the devil and follow his orders. You should read Article 3 (Equal Rights) of the German Basic Law, where nobody has the right to be discriminated against on account of his religion, his appearance, his disability, his past life, etc. Nationalism means war and chaos, which I personally do not tolerate and do not tolerate nationalists who advocate nationalism because they oppose world peace and fight peace because of their inferiority complexes. Do not act as if you were "God", deciding life and death, and actually thinking that you are dictating the law and forcing others to behave the same way just because you think you are "better", but you are irrelevant and no better than your darling Adolf. ;) Why should I fear and pay respect to nationalist pigs, with all the countries of the world causing war and chaos, and the lives of many sentient beings on their conscience? I feel neither fear nor respect, I am afraid only of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala and say what I think and you do not care about me. Your German does not interest me, never interested me and will never interest me. I oppose discrimination, treat subhumans like you, glorify discrimination intolerantly and I'm proud of it! Well, girl. Your behavior is a result of your life being miserable and you will never achieve something in your life and thus be unlucky. Your bad luck sticks your life in the memory. How did Juliensblog say so beautifully? "You are a talentless bastard who will never achieve anything in his fucking life". ;) Get used to it.

    You irrelevant son of a bitch are not God, that you have to tell people that they have to talk to you after the mouth. He can say "huh" as he wants. After all, you say "huh" every day instead of "excuse me", because politeness and friendliness seem like foreign words to you. People do not call themselves talking to you to say what you want to hear. Your mental illness does not interest you here and the world does not have to revolve around you just because you have mental complications and people have to serve you as if you were "God" so you can desperately attract attention to make you relevant here do. I do not care about you! Nowhere does the German constitution say that one has to talk society to the mouth. Article 5 (Freedom of Speech) of the German Basic Law states that we are allowed to express our opinions and say what we feel and think as long as nobody else is harmed. But you do the opposite. Your terrorist and anarchist laws are not enforced here in Germany, worldwide and in life. Dream on! Your poor and provocative behavior represents the German culture and you Germans are worthless shit, which will disappear in insignificance! Therefore, the German people do not multiply and die out, and rightly so! That's your problem! You demand people to behave conservatively, so you use their decency as a weak point to give them the coup de grace, because you obviously find the peace boring and basically seek the blame for your failure in others, because you are overwhelmed with your miserable inferiority complexes and I also know heaps of Germans who do not have decent manners and say "huh". You do not seriously think that we must be polite and kind to you so that with your depression and your ingratitude you can let go of your frustration, just because your pathetic Assi parents will never return from the dead and you'll be lonely and leave feeling. I do not care and I do not care. Dude, I do not care that Germans die every day. Only a dead German is a good German. Even better are the Germans who stewed in hell for all eternity and as it is written in the Qur'an that there are no emergency exits in hell. Bad luck for you! xD Do not you wonder with your Islam-hostile inferiority complexes that your underexposed lives are sinking abysmally. I feel no fear or respect for subhumans like you. As disrespectful as the nazi people behave and the shitty shit blaring out, what comes to your mind and does not worry about what you do with your discrimination, you need not be surprised that the whole world is shitting on you. You talk and talk and talk, but you do not keep your promise, which is not put into action. Exactly this is typical german – always talking around the bush, but not come to the point. This shows that you are endangering world peace. At that time, you were causing 2 world wars, endangering world peace, and today you endanger peace with your unnecessary islamophobia just because you failing to be dissatisfied with yourself are too stupid to make a living and actually believe that germany is a democracy Thinking that you can live your freedoms at the expense of others by harassing religious and other-looking people to death, and when they defend themselves against such a whistle like you, you become even more aggressive, do not want to see your mistakes and threaten them with the fucking police. Because of every little trifle you guys have to tell the police, with most cops secretly laughing at crybabies like you, because you're a miserable joke and you think you can call the police as you please, so you can take advantage of them and they have to do their dirty work for you. Poor german piece of shit! Insha'allah, you're going to get away and lie next to your filthy anti-social parents so you have a pleasurable threesome in your graves, you inbred fagot! You call yourself "German culture", but have no idea about your so-called "culture" and here in germany I have never seen the "German culture". Here it looks rather everything else after "german". You insult the faithful Muslims, but also many other people as "shit foreigners", "f*cking muslims" "go back in your countries", "terrorists" etc., but you secretly eat doner kebab, pizza, dürüm, lahmacun, falafel, sushi, Onigiri, jalapeno, tortilla and and and. It shows that you are in love with foreigners, but you are
    way too timid to admit it, just so you stand well in front of your like-minded and make a good impression. Although you already know that you can never do justice to your "best" friends. (They are indeed your worst enemies and you let them fall in love with these traitors and in the back you complain about them for making your life hell. Even though you are guilty of being used and insulted, it would be even worse if you did not realize that they are exploiting you and shooting you inconspicuously and in the background) Well, bad luck for you! Since you've just fallen on the wrong track.

    Sura 67 Al Mulk(The Sovereignty) Verses 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11:

    Verse 6: "And for those who deny their Lord, there will be the punishment of hell – a bad outcome!"

    Verse 7: "When they are thrown in, they hear from them shuddering howling, while they are seething."

    Verse 8: "She would nearly burst out of grief, and every time a party is thrown in, her guards will ask her," Has no Warner come to you? "

    Verse 9: "They will say," Yes, yes, a warner came to us already, but we have (him) accused of lying and said, 'Allah has revealed nothing, you are only very much in error.' "

    Verse 10: And they will say, Had we only heard and understood, we would not be among the inmates of the conflagration. "

    Verse 11: "So they will confess their sin, far away with the inmates of the fire-heat!"

  • Hans… That's some five star incoherence right there. (Say that last in the tone and manner of Larry the Cable Guy.)

  • Hans must have been triggered by the tacos more than the gin. Wut da fuck?

    Anyway, kakistocracy was long overdue for an upgrade: Lord of the Hamberders. Dystopia on the fairway.

  • Oh shit, looks like Dennis Markuze is off his meds again, and he's discovered Gin & Tacos. Hey Dennis, are you still on probation for JAQing off at other atheist websites? Perhaps someone should let the Montreal police know what you're up to.
    Seek help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

  • I could've done without all of that mess and muddle.
    Ain't no clarification coming outta that comment muck, unlike say, MK's pith description.

  • @ Major Kong:

    I suspect that was just a warmup.

    "We should all hold Hans and sing Kumbaya"

    I'd settle for holding Hans under water.

    @ sinned 34:


    Lieber Hans: Fick dich, Arschloch.

  • @MK, I honestly laffed out loud.

    Y'all know I hate the SOB, but appointing TWO far right wing Supreme Court justices and passing a giant tax cut for the rich and the corporations that enrich them AND partially shutting the federal government down for over a month in just two years strikes me as pretty goddamn successful from a "conservative" perspective.

  • I wouldn't even say he's committed to rapacious tax cuts for the wealthy. Every Republican in Congress is, but I don't think he is. He's committed to fighting with his enemies, with the goal of crushing them. His late-life discovery of Fox News gave him a permanent enemy to fight and crush. He hitched his wagon to Kochian Republicanism (on most issues) because when it works the way he wants it to, which so far has mostly been on taxes and judges, he gets to pound enemies into submission.

  • I guess I shouldn't call G&T an "atheist" site. I don't really know if Ed is an atheist. Not that a small detail like that would even give Markuze a moment's hesitation before copypasting his screeds.

  • This is why I've already begun planning on referring to the next president as "The Actual 45th President of the United States". I plan on being super annoying about this. Forever.

  • @ Lofgren:

    Long time.


    'I feel like there is no chance that children of the 22nd century won't study Trump, even if America doesn't survive that long."

    is sad, twice.

    In the first instance because it's true, in the second, because if the U.S. doesn't survive, it will likely be a nuclear armageddon.

  • bruce.desertrat says:

    I think the last Superbowl could be best summed up as "Both teams played like they knew the winner would have to go meet Trump in the White House"

  • "Both teams played like they knew the winner would have to go meet Trump in the White House"

    I think that last year a number of players opted out, as has been done in other years.

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