I have some slightly imperfect "None of this is OK" shirts – all men's/unisex in limited sizes. $10 with shipping included (USA shipping only please). These shirts are all fine, honestly, but because I'm a perfectionist I toss aside the ones where the logo is maybe a tiny bit crooked or the screenprint is a little spotty.

In any case, they're cheap and they still get the point across, and you probably won't even notice whatever is wrong with them.

Domestic Orders (USA)

5 thoughts on “NONE OF THIS IS OK: SCRATCH & DENT”

  • In some sense, a "None of this is OK" shirt that is itself, not OK is a sign of our wonderful dystopian world. Absolutely nothing is OK. Maybe we can sell the rights to our nightmare to Pixar as the sequel to Wall-E.

  • Ed:

    Can I get one and then send you a picture of me wearing it that is suitable for framing–instead of paying.

    I'll take my, "Fuck, NOOOOO!" off the air.

  • Also, too, Ed. Could you make one that says "Releavant as FUCK!". I made myself one but my graphics skills are way less gooder than my communification skilz.

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