Hi. I'm still alive. I'll have an extensive update about some recent changes for this weekend.

5 thoughts on “SIGNAL”

  • Glad you escaped the imperialist carnage, and may you skirt the well-justified Islamist reprisals as well. I’m weeping for brave Soleimani tonight too.

  • I was a bit curious. You're still quite active on twitter, and doing the Baffler thing, so I assumed you were busy.

  • Thanks for the update. I've missed your particular brand of wit. Keep up, to the extent practical, the good work.

    Frankly, I've never really seen any need for Facebook. But, then again, rude bastard that I am, I still call people on the telephone without messaging them first to request an audience. If IM seems stilted Facebook seems vapid: a confection of smart-ass quips, acerbic asides, and vitriol. A hundred kilometers wide but a single millimeter deep. Damn it, I want both quips, and substance, in-the-moment observation, and analysis. You are good at that. That's why I have, despite a few months of minimal output, your blog pinned to my main browser page where I faithfully and expectantly refresh it every day.

  • Glad you are back. I also look at your blog almost daily.

    I agree with Art and have no use for social media and have never used it. My wife was on Facebook for awhile but soon quit because of the BS.

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