By (actual, not pretend) popular demand on the Facebook group, I'm doing another run of the timely "None of this is OK" shirts.
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The front design remains unchanged (as pictured here) but the reverse text has been replaced with small sleeve text (ooh stylish!) for Mass for Shut-ins, the podcast to which I have devoted much energy and would like to better spread the word about.

Other details that remain unchanged: Navy blue Canvas (or BellaCanvas for Women's) shirts, Unisex/Men's in crewneck and Women's in V-neck. Canvas sizing chart available here. Sizes S – XXL in either Unisex or Women's.

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Contact me if you need 3XL – sometimes they are available, but often they aren't.

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Shoot me a message and I'll do my best. Be aware based on past feedback that Bella/Canvas Women's sizing runs small.

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This is a pre-order and you will receive your shirts in early to mid July, depending on how busy the printer is. $20 (slight upcharge for XXL, sorry) plus $4 s/h in the USA, $14 s/h for all other countries. I'm sorry about that, but package shipping overseas (incl.
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Canada) has gotten incredibly expensive lately.

For DOMESTIC / USA shipping

Choose Size / Style

For INTERNATIONAL / Non-USA shipping

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3 thoughts on “IT'S 2020 AND NONE OF THIS IS OK”

  • Amit Deshwar says:

    Can you also bring back the "everything is terrible all the time" shirts? Also very relevant!

  • Yes, none of this is okay, and, from here, it looks like much of it comes from folks thinking "The world would be so much better if more people were like me!", or "Why can't more people be above average?". The latter is the same sort of logic a teenager with a Pinto and a pocket calculator wondering why a 1.5/1 ring & pinion set wouldn't enable a 200 mph top speed, but they seem incapable of making the logical leap of "That car can't redline with the gearing it's got!", and "The world doesn't work that way."
    Anyway, wouldn't it be more fun if conservatives still spent time complaining about coarsening the world, rather than actually coarsening the world.

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