Gin pioneer, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and endorser Sir Robert Burnett says:

"Two hundred years ago, I had a dream… brew a beverage that was 44% alcohol and affordable to those who need it most: the working class and liberal arts graduates. That dream was culminated the first time I poured water, rancid pine needles, and rotting sugar into my bathtub to create the the first batch of Sir Robert Burnett's Super-Premium Fancy London Dry Gin. Ed, Mike, and Erik are my spiritual sons, carrying on my legacy by bringing cheap gin to the masses, where it belongs. Now if you'll excuse me, my liver is failing again."

(Sir Robert Burnett was compensated for his endorsement with the joy of watching Ed, Mike, and Erik slug down two liters of his creation)

Webster's dictionary defines gin as "a colorless alcoholic beverage made from distilled or redistilled neutral grain spirits flavored with juniper berries and aromatics (as anise and caraway seeds)" In reality, it is more than simple words can describe. It is the source of England's literary genius. It is the breakfast that brings Eastern Bloc athletes to newer and ever-greater heights.
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It is the inspiration for this fine webpage.

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Myths about Gin

MYTH #1–"Gin is best when mixed with tonic."
Wrong. Dead wrong. Only communists and pansies mix gin with anything. Gin is to be consumed straight, a state in which its medicinal properties are undiluted by other less purposeful liquids.

MYTH #2–"Gin tastes bad."
Don't make me smack you. Gin's robust yet willowy taste is only appreciated by a small elite. If you appreciate gin, you are on the top of the evolutionary ladder. You are fit for the most important and highest-paying jobs. If you think gin tastes like blowing a Christmas tree, you are missing a chromosome and will soon be eliminated by genetic herd-thinning. You are also a pussy.

MYTH #3–"I can handle gin so long as it's good gin."
Again, anyone who says this is to be regarded with extreme suspicion. The so called "fancy" gins, those whose snotty suburban attitudes make them feel like they are worth $40 a bottle, are the enemy of the true gin aficionado. We shall deal with these pretender gins in our gin review.

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