new Essentials

We realize there is a lot of content on this page. Some old fans have been wondering "What's new?" Others are saying "There's too much for one view! Where's the best stuff?" Well, it's all the best stuff sweety, but if you only have a few moments here's the cream of the new crop:

Gin Reviews – funny, smart, could save your life someday. Featuring new reviews. Each comes with an image of the person most likely to be found drinking that gin.

Neocon Bingo – Tired of the neocons? Try this. Refresh the bingo card and you'll get new images; if you have small resolution and the card doesn't fit adjust the bingo size and you'll get scrollbars.

Drinking in Champaign – I know more than a few of you have lived in/attended school in Champaign-Urbana. Erik Martin's bar guide is for you.

Monthly Contest – I expect you all to place a vote in the comments. I want voter turnout to be higher than the national election rates!

Music – we are finally reviewing albums. Soon, we will have enough albums reviewed to start getting free stuff from record companies.

We'll let you slide on just checking out these pages for the first viewing – but you'd better be back for everything else. Also updates.

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One Response to “new Essentials”

  1. Tim Says:

    You suck Mike. I'll show you guys drinking at U of I…