Air America Radio

The new answer to conversative radio, Air America Radio, launches today at noon. Chicago listeners can pick it up at 950AM. It starts with Al Franken's midday show "The O' Franken Factor". New York Times:

Though people at the network can't quite believe he means it, Franken has decided to call his show "The O'Franken Factor" — "just to drive O'Reilly nuts; I'm hoping he sues me again."

Al is also supposed to put things in his "zero-spin zone." People who aren't near it's 5 initial markets or are and don't have a readio should be able to stream the broadcast online. (addition: i've been having problems with streaming from their webpage, so here's a list of links to pages that steam their content. Chuck D has a morning show, and Janeane Garofalo has an evening show. I'm really optimistic and worried about how this will go.

2 thoughts on “Air America Radio”

  • here's where I'm going to compile a list of advertisements i have heard while listening to air america radio:

    – enivromentially safe and biodegradable forks/spoons/knives for your small food business.
    – top quality horse vaccines ("are you not using the correct vaccine for your horse?….which red nile virus vaccine does your horse have?")

    I'm going to have to start listening to Sean Hannity again and get a list of their advertisers and compare/contrast (Erik get on this!)

  • Yeah I will pay attention, but generally it is fairly straight forward. Lots of advertisments for hemroid sufferers, arthritis suffers, and laxatives.

    good times.

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