The fantastic journey of political hatred

The joke has been made in pretty much every permutation possible. A month ago I heard that John Kerry's polling numbers go down every time he is in the spot light and up everytime Bush is doing… well… anything. This situation has gotten pathetic to the point where, I am sure that if I didn't live here, I would have to point my finger and laugh at all Americans. Can someone please tell me what the hell it is about our political system that attracts some of the largest fucking losers this country has to offer? When did it get to the point where our system of government was really just a big joke?

I mean honestly people… how can we sit here and listen to politicians discuss gay marriage and the like and honestly be swayed by the arguements. Do we really believe that whether or not someone served in the National Guard or drove a boat around during the Vietnam war is vital to how well they can lead? How long are we as a country going to sit around on our fat pork rind consuming asses and listen to talking heads debate pandering non-issues?

Well, the truth is in the numbers. John Kerry is losing the battle of who do we want to be president least. Is it really possible that we will elect a president this way?

Yes, its true Mr. Kerry. We don't like you.

Looking at the history of New York Times/CBS polling numbers we see a very intrigueing trend. John Kerry is leading Bush by one point (he is behind by one if Nader is considered).

This is not really the interesting part. Within the following questions they ask the respondents to comment on how sure they are of their choice. There is a column indicating that you have made up your mind because you dislike the other canidates. Eleven percent of those voting for Bush are doing so because they hate Kerry. However, and dear lord I wish I were making this up, 37% of people saying they are voting democrat are doing so for no other reason than the fact that they think Bush is a fucking idiot of epic proportions*.

Read the poll for yourself if you don't beleive me. All the jokes are actually true. If we elect Kerry in November we are not electing him, we are just not voting for the other guy.

Yeah, so anyway…. Who wants to move to France with me? Honestly, at least they revel in how fucked up their political system is.

*not actual question phrasing

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6 thoughts on “The fantastic journey of political hatred”

  • I was just discussing how unfortunate Kerry is with some of my coworkers yesterday. How would you like to be thrust into the Presidency under the following conditions:

    1. No one likes you. You only won because the other guy was worse.

    2. The Iraq situation has no viable options for resolution at this point. It's no-win for Kerry. No matter what he does, the situation will continue to be fucked up.

    3. The economy is headed towards recession somewhere inbetween 1991 and 1978 in severity. Nothing can really be done by any candidate to stop that now.

    Good luck, Leatherface.

  • It must be noted that we revel in how fucked-up our political system is, as well. Michael Moore's movie and this site would not be as popular as they are, otherwise. But, as you imply, it's mostly the people who are doing the revelling that will be checking that third "johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway" (.com) column.

  • " 37% of people saying they are voting democrat are doing so for no other reason than the fact that they think Bush is a fucking idiot of epic proportions."

    and the sad part is that the number there seems low. Like it should be closer to 50 or 80%.

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