The upcoming week on ginandtacos.com is almost certainly going to feature several pictures of the "Save Star Trek" party organized by Mike and his intrepid roommate Mr. Schneider. When this happens, our front page will simultaneously contain photos of or references to: Sean Hannity, the United States Male Corps, gay escort services, the Political Science department of a small college in Michigan, Scott Bakula, Sheriff John Bunnell, an anatomical diagram of the male reproductive system, a Scottish newspaper's sports section, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, the Cato Institute, NASCAR coverage, Trek United, and a box of cookies.

Don't try to question it. We are more than you could ever figure out with 100% of your Earth brains.

It makes me feel good to know that if anyone google searches a phrase such as "John Howard gay escort Bakula" we will undoubtedly be the first hit. However, to further confuse the search engines, I submit the following photo of a unicorn and a link to a website advertising itself as "a land where unicorns are loved by people around the world".


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