Ginandtacos is not making this up.

At one point or another in all of our lives we have been posed the question: What one item would you want to take with you to a desert island?

The motivation for asking such a thing typically ranges from innocent curiosity to some kind of perverse personality profiling. Regardless, all of us would no doubt put some thought into it, and decide on something like music or the like. However, I fear that far too few of us would have the foresight of one Mr. Oscar Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas.

Mr. Goodman would bring…..


As much as you would like to think that we are, is not making this up. Mr. Goodman is so adamant about his love for gin that he actually proclaimed to a classroom of schoolchildren (yes, this really happened) that

drinking is one of his hobbies and that the one thing he would want if stranded on an island is a bottle of gin.

Mayor of Las Vegas kicking back at home with a glass of gin

Mr. Goodman responded to criticism by proclaiming that he did nothing more than tell the truth- beleiving that it would have been ridiculous for him to insinuate that he would bring anything other than gin. (a Teddy Bear or Bible were mentioned as non-viable dersert island gin alternatives.)

despite not wanting to take a teddy bear to a desert island one has been crafted to his likeness-complete with martini glass

The Mayor of Las Vegas's love of gin is no secret. He hosts regular "Martinis with the Mayor events" and is a sponsor of Bombay gin. (He was originally approached by Beefeater but Bombay out bid them). When asked by reporters after the incident if he has a drinking problem, Mayor Goodman responded:

"Oh, absolutely not. I love to drink"….then left the interview.

Despite the fact that there is no word as to the mayors opinions on tacos, I would like to stamp the seal of approval onto Mayor Oscar Goodman.

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6 thoughts on “Ginandtacos is not making this up.”

  • Awesome. I want to go to his "Martinis with the Mayor events"

    I just had to settle with drinking with Mike and Erik…

  • i like how the teddy bear is actually the color of bombay sapphire. rock on.

    he would be fantastically cast as falstaff.

  • This man can now sit beside Marion Barry and Ted Kennedy among the pantheon of drunken elected officials.

  • Did you guys wind up on some sort of talk-back targeting spam list, and if so, can we figure out where those responsible live so we know where to drive the tanker truck full of sarin?

    By the way, Ed neglected to mention that greatest of drunken elected officials, Winston Churchill (I'd also mention Pitt the Younger, but I think that would stray a bit too far into priggish dicketry.)

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