As the mighty TremFu gears up for its historic, precedent-setting tour of Bloomington – seven nights, seven venues, seven shows – I use this page as a forum for publicity one final time. Why? Because it's mine, dammit.

Yes, we're mainly playing Monday through Thursday for our own collective edification. The actual "shows" are once again Friday, July 15 at Second Story and….wait for it….at Rhino's on Saturday, July 16 as part of Plan-it-X Fest. The lineup features actual bands with talent such as This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Defiance Ohio, Los Gatos Negros, and more.

Be sure to bring a few bucks for a t-shirt. Why? Well each one is hand-made and therefore unique. We started with green Goodwill t-shirts with some sort of Shaman figure on them, then we spray-painted our band name on top of it. As a finishing touch, I took a paint marker and wrote a different puerile obscenity on the back of each one. One of a kind, one and all.

As an added bonus, with the amount of spray-paint we got on the collars, the shirt may in fact get you fucked up. Yes, this is retarded. It's all retarded. A retarded tour by a retarded band deserves retarded shirts.

Show your discriminating taste by becoming one of our retarded fans.

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  1. mike Says:

    will there be on-stage drinking?

  2. Liz Says:

    If there is not, I will personally refund your admission.

  3. Ed Says:

    Personally, drinking while physically exerting myself in this manner just makes me vomit. But there are three other members in this band, all of whom will pick up the slack.

  4. ryan Says:

    many years ago i saw This Bike is a Pipe Bomb in texas. in a car parts warehouse surrounded by desert for miles around. i bought a cd and sticker. i don't remember how they sound.

    i placed their sticker on my laptop computer once before going through airport security. imagine the responce of an ill-educated airport 'security' agent reading a sentance which plainly stated that what it was stuck to was a bomb, but refering incorrectly to what it was actually adhered to.

  5. Ed Says:

    Well, just imagine what airport security will think of your Tremendous Fucking sticker. We can only hope that they will take it as literally.