Don't you hate being told a long, odd story without being given the information necessary to make sense of it until late in the game? I do.

By now you've probably heard or read a thing or two about this story – an 18 year old Pennsylvania teen wanted for murdering the parents of his 14 year old girlfriend, whom he then allegedly kidnapped and took across state lines. Aside from sounding like a classic white trash soap opera, the story had a coating of weirdness on it that I just couldn't put my finger on. Then I saw this comment dropped casually at the end of a news report on the teens' capture in Indiana:

Kaitlin Borden (sister of the 14 year old girl) told police that Ludwig (accused killer) brought her sister home early Sunday after keeping her out all night. The father summoned him back, and an argument ensued, ending in the fatal shootings. She said Ludwig called for her sister, and the two — both of whom were home-schooled and met through a home-schooling event — fled.

Aha. Well why didn't you say that in the first place? Ginandtacos.com is really keen on the idea of homeschooling and does not at all consider it to be a dangerous legal loophole that allows the possibility of complete psychopaths brainwashing their children and then sending them into the world utterly devoid of social skills except for awkward interactions with other children in the same circumstances. See the classic "Abandon the public schools, for they teach no rug braiding" piece for our passionate defense of the right to home-school.

So let this double-homicide make clear the message of the parents who chose to home-school their kids in this situation:

  • Public schools = bad
  • Sex education = bad
  • Ready access to guns by angry teen boys = good
  • Allowing legal adult males to date 14 year old girls = good (so long as their shelves are lined with Left Behind books and PG movies)

    Excellent. As a result, two people are dead and another is on his way to a life in prison. Don't weep for Patrick Henry University, though. It will find plenty of other maladjusted kids to turn into Future Bill Frist Interns in his place.

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