It really is. I don't think George Bush and his ilk are going to be satisfied until every last person (aside from deep southern evangelicals, of course) loathes them.

It didn't take much to get 50% of the population to reach that conclusion. The other 50% has been a lot slower to come around, but boy has it started to come around. Case in point: Rupert Murdoch's New York Post. This is the same paper that ran the infamous "Axis of Weasel" cover and was basically a warmongering shill for the Bush administration throughout the Iraq run-up.


Yes, this is from a real newspaper. I swear.

That was then. This is now.


Yes, it appears that those New Yorkers (and Washingtonians, seeing as how DC was screwed just as badly) aren't too thrilled that the DHS has decided to slash the amount of money the city will receive for anti-terrorism measures. Instead, the money is being diverted to rural areas (just in time for the election, of course) so that security can be beefed up around prime terrorist targets like Cobb County, Georgia and Laramie, Wyoming.

Losing Rupert Murdoch, from Bush's perspective, is so unbelievable that it must be considered impressive. It sums up my attitude about the current administration in its entirety: I simply have nothing left to say. I can only look at it in disbelief, occasionally pausing to giggle. This is a presidency that has quite literally re-written the book on how not to govern. It is quite simply the worst presidency in our lifetimes, and should we all live to be 120 I sincerely hope that statement never needs to be revised. I always knew Bush would end up being remembered as our worst president, but I didn't think it would happen during his term. According to this poll, he's somehow edged out Nixon and outnumbered the Clinton-hating right-wingers nearly 2-to-1.

Impressive. Absolutely impressive.

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  1. Morgan Says:

    Laramie, Wyoming used to be frequented by Fred Phelps and the God Hates Fags (TM) gang – maybe that's what the money's going to fight? Wait, Bush hates fags too.

  2. Samantha Says:

    King George runs amok.

  3. Matthew Says:

    If you're curious, here's a couple of the places that are getting the money that New York isn't:

  4. Doktor Rock Says:

    The New York Times is a Right Wing Tabloid, and raely reflects the sentiments of New Yorkers. Try the New York Times and the New York Daily News instead.