We have a strong front-runner for the 2006 Ginandtacos Cocksucker of the Year. In fact, if someone else manages to out-suck Joe in the next 4 months we may need to invent a special lifetime achievement award for him.

The best thing about this fiasco is that the White House and Republican Party are scolding the Democrats left and right. That's all you need to know to understand why Lieberman lost to a nobody. The sight of Bill O'Reilly moralizing…Shame on you, America, for voting this poor, dedicated civil servant out of office! Why on Earth would you want to get rid of this man who just happens to agree with President Bush on just about every issue?

It's so nice to see the GOP rush to the defense of "good" Democrats, i.e. the ones that are indistinguishable from Republicans. Thanks for your concern, guys. Really. And as for Lieberman's rationale behind his defeat – "extremists" have taken over the party – well, if voters who demand that the party in opposition show at least a slight differentiation from the GOP are "extremists" then I guess he has a point. Asshole.

Rather than accept his primary defeat as a sign of voters having exercised their will against Uncle Joe's blank-check support of the Iraq War, the cocksucker's sense of entitlement is such that he's insisting on running as an independent. Why? Because he can win the general election by getting Republicans to vote for him. How? Because he acts exactly like a Republican and allows the GOP members to use him (since Zell Miller's retirement, of course) as a form of tokenism. See? Look how tolerant we are! We like some Democrats! Like this Lieberman fellow, the one who is to the right of a lot of Republicans on most issues….we really like him!

Congratulations, Joe. You are to the GOP what his or her one black friend is to every suburbanite in America. And if the Republican Party isn't smart enough to read these tea leaves correctly – that the next few months are going to be real, real tough on out-of-touch reactionaries who support the hell out of a war that the entire public is sick of – then they deserve to be blindsided in November.

PS – No, really. Fuck you, Joe.

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  1. Jack Says:

    What's with this "moderate Democrat" krapp? The Bushies are as way out/extreme as any gov't the US has had? Isn't that understood down there (I'm writing in Canada)?

    The real sources of ridicule should be "moderate Republicans", a term that reads like "gentle serial-killers". They are kept out of important positions in the gov't, their issues (like the environment) are non-issues, the are completely marginalised by Boy George and his buddies. Christine Whitman wrote a book about it-where is she now? Cleaning the stables at the Crawford Ranch?

    One thing that exasperates those of us in the Free World that are watching this nonsense go down is how many obvious issues are there to be exploited, but somehow get lost in all the hysteria and flag-waving in the US. This is one of them.

  2. Michael Says:

    "Congratulations, Joe. You are to the GOP what his or her one black friend is to every suburbanite in America."

    That's fucking insight, baby. Says a helluva lot about the GOP, suburbanites, and especially Joe "I never let my real faux integrity stand in the way of a self-serving endeavor" Lieberman.

    I'm not ashamed to say I voted for Nader because of Lieberman. I though Nader should've been Gore's runningmate.

    Lieberman is the space-age polymer holding the Connecticut for Lieberman Party together (a party so-called 'cuz Many Republicans Plus a Minority of Democrats in Connecticut for Lieberman Is Good Enough for Bad Government, while catchy, couldn't fit on the button).

  3. Special K Says:

    I'm a volunteer on Ned's campaign and I just wanted to say thanks for the thoughts and the laughs. What pisses me off the most is the arrogance of Joe and the Lieberyouth who were paid to do his dirty tricks during the primary. He considers it "irresponsible" if he doesn't run for the good of the people of CT. Asshole…