It might seem like a slam dunk in favor of the Ratzi Man, but keep one thing in mind: one of these two people started a war against Islam using poorly-researched, historically-inaccurate quotes in the middle of a diatribe of questionable value. The other one hasn't.

I think someone from the church will have to sit down and explain to him "Look, we picked your octogenarian ass as a placeholder and palate-cleanser. You are the sorbet of popes. Stop talking."

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4 Responses to “POPE VS. SPACE POPE”

  1. Mike Says:

    I do like the balls it takes to say to the world "A true religion is one that never uses violence, or the threat of violence, to quash dissent or heretical works. For instance, the Catholic Church throughout time."

    wait what? I thought they were in the business of burning bible translators and intimidating astronomers.

  2. Ambrosini Says:

    My thoughts exactly, I love how they are acting like the Catholic Church has never done anything violent.

  3. Ed Says:

    "The Catholic Church has done an outstanding job in these areas in which Islam has failed. From 1962 onward."

  4. Barkon Says:

    I thought he was scary from the beginning. A pope who looks like the villian from Poltergiest 2! ("you are gonna diiiiiiiiiieeeee!")

    On the flipside of his comments: The best way to react to being called violent is probably not to call for death…