If you want to rekindle the feeling that you're living in some sort of surreal Calvinist redefinition of the American experiment in democracy, read this.

I haven't read it in about a year, and I just ran through it again in advance of assigning it to my students on Wednesday – although by asking them to read something that contradicts their worldview, I am placing myself (as the article explains) in the "reality-based" community.

I'm OK with that.

Re-reading this piece has been interesting from two perspectives. First, a lot of the predictions about the Second Term (note: the article was published just days before the 2004 election) have been stunningly accurate. Second, it has strengthened and validated my prevailing "no, really, kill them all before the damage becomes irreversible" thesis.

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  1. Konczal Says:

    But Billington said he "looked to God" and said what was in his heart. "The United States is the greatest country in the world," he told the rally. "President Bush is the greatest president I have ever known. I love my president. I love my country. And more important, I love Jesus Christ."

    More important indeed.

    I love the switch in tone when Bush goes from his evangelical rally ("we need firm resolve and clear vision and a deep faith in the values that make us a great nation") to his Washington confidential luncheon with the Regents ("I'm going to come out strong after my swearing in…with fundamental tax reform, tort reform, privatizing of Social Security") – the Republicans have quite the big tent.