So, believe it or not, I got screwed out of a Research Assistant position about 12 hours after I posted about The New Way. I didn't really think it was possible, but I have actually gotten angrier and more bitter since Tuesday morning. Stunning, really.

With my academic career now safely resigned to history, here's something utterly random to cheer me up (not really – it's more just a way to avoid making another long, rambling, angry entry): the Wesley Snipes Movie Nickname Game.

Mr. Snipes is perhaps unique in the history of Hollywood in that nearly every movie in which he has starred makes an excellent nickname. Really, try it. It's uncanny, isn't it?

Drop Zone. 7 Seconds. Undisputed. ZigZag. The Art of War. Hard Luck. The Detonator. Demolition Man. Chaos. The Marksman. One Night Stand. America's Dream. Money Train. Passenger 57. Rising Sun. Boiling Point. Sugar Hill.

See how many of your friends you can outfit with a shiny, new Snipes Movie nickname based on their personality. I bet you've never before realized this. Thank god I have so much spare time.


Ed "Money Train" Burmila

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