Today's No Politics Friday ™ is devoted to my strange, strange list of places I desperately want to visit. Those who know me well know that I enjoy traveling, and moreover that I enjoy traveling to places that range from "esoteric" to "borderline interesting" to "flat-out dull."

On my top 10 list is a small strip of beach outside Princess Juliana airport on the island of St. Maarten, on which one can stand while 747s land no more than 20-30 feet above eye level. All those who have experienced it describe it as ass-rapingly loud, completely terrifying, and not to be missed.

Where do I sign?

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4 Responses to “NPF”

  1. Jake Says:

    Ass raping! Ass raping!

  2. Jude Says:


    even as an adverb??

  3. Ed Says:

    I can make adverbs out of essentially anything.

  4. Madolan Says:

    The official St. Maarten website has an official Tourism Master Plan. Does that not sound ominous? Final Solution-y? Terribly intriguing? Speculate all you want (I am!) because the link is broken– further confirming my impression of it as a menace hidden in plain sight.