The tunes, they are a-changin'.

George W. Bush: a legacy of spreading democracy….well, um….autocracy, but with security….uh….military strongmen?

As those of us here in the reality-based community have known for 5 or 6 years, power and authority in Iraq are going to come down to whichever genocidal ethnic militia seems to have the largest proportion of the populace behind it. Those in the minority, well….devil take the hindmost, I suppose.

If it's any consolation to those who are about to lose the ethnic power struggle in Iraq, the minority in a democracy routinely gets bent over the barrel as well. You're not missing anything.

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  • Unfortunately and/or fortunately, the Shah is resting in his grave (in Egypt of all places), but his son is *very* available. In fact, he's beeen whispering in the ears of neo-cons and co for years, urging a move to the neo-target. As soon as the American bombs and mullahs fall on and in Iran, respectively, he'll take daddy home and sit back on the Persian throne… oh wait, I almost forgot, I'm part of the reality-based community. Nevermind.

  • "… with key U.S. senators calling for al-Maliki's removal, some senior U.S. military commanders even suggest privately the entire Iraqi government must be removed by "constitutional or non-constitutional" means and replaced with a stable, secure, but not necessarily democratic entity."

    The new Iraqi government is building – or wants to build – weapons of mass destruction! We have to take them down! We'll be bringing peace to the region in the process.

  • I can't wait until Bush is gone. The whole rational of being in Iraq just brings me to the point of spontaneous combustion.

  • Well, this won't be the first time the U.S. has installed a puppet dictatorship. (Did we install Saddam as well, back in the day? It's hard to keep track….) This has to be one of the first times that U.S. officials have openly touted it as their goal, though. No weapons of mass destruction, no al qaida ties and now… no… "Iraqi Freedom"? Will we have to change the name of the "Operation"?

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