Normally I would not include a children's film on this list – after all, movies intended for little kids are more often than not going to be considered stupid, poorly-acted, and boring by adults. But Mac & Me is special. Sweet baby jesus, is it special.

First (and believe me, this is the least of its sins) the movie is a flat-out plagiarized version of E.T., the blockbuster released just a few years before Mac & Me. The original title of the former was in fact E.T. & Me. Like E.T., Mac & Me is the story of an alien and a young boy ("Mac" is an acronym for "Mysterious alien creature"). Although I have never seen E.T., I am fairly certain that it does not deserve to have been mentioned in the same sentence as this film. My apologies.

Second, Leonard Maltin described this film as "more like a commercial than a movie" for a very good reason. Mac lives solely on Coke and Skittles, each proudly displayed about 100 times in the film. And "Mac" is of course a reference to the McDonald's menu – unsurprising, once you realize that Ronald McDonald is one of the movie's main characters. Not to mention the way the film manages to place its characters in a McDonald's approximately every 5 minutes. This film is a monument to subtlety.

The legendary moment from this film has thankfully been edited and preserved on the interweb. I will let the Wikipedian introduce the clip:

One scene in the film is a large, impromptu dance-off with the main character, MAC the alien (dressed in a teddy bear costume), a football team, Ronald McDonald, and various other people inside and outside of a McDonald's restaurant.

You need to see this. Really. If you're at work, the sound is pretty irrelevant.

If you're wondering how in the world a dance-off between a bunch of black kids, some gay Boston College football players, and an alien in a horrifying teddy bear costume could advance the plot, rest assured that it doesn't. In this film, scenes succeed by merely failing to inhibit the plot rather than actively advancing it. This is a relatively easy task given that there is no plot of which to speak.

Mac & Me is one of those special films that transcend a normal movie-going experience. It's so bizarre, so completely untethered from reality, and so grotesque that it can only be A) the worst film of all time or B) a masterpiece of surrealism. The film's decision to focus on children and Ronald McDonald a lot makes it legitimately disturbing…like Gacy in the clown costume. For 90 minutes.

Fittingly, the movie ends with a freeze-frame and the words "We'll be back!" Thankfully the pitiful box office returns prevented the producers from carrying through on that threat. Apes with Super-8 cameras could make a better film.

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