I had a brief moment of hesitation about posting this as a No Politics Friday ™ entry, because it walks a very fine line between funny and sad. Or, more importantly, between funny and social commentary. We try to avoid the latter on Fridays at all costs around here.

If you haven't heard this 911 recording (and yes, Snopes tells us it's real) I think you need to listen to it right now. Let's not focus on the fact that it's a sickening example of what kind of people we breed in this country; instead, just marvel at the superficial comedic value of gems like:

Woman: Well…..you're supposed to be here to protect me.

Dispatcher: What are we protecting you from? A wrong cheeseburger?

Just remember, out of the 1000 people you see on an average day, a good portion of them are this stupid.

(PS: After I received this blast from the past on Wednesday, I was fondly reminiscing about years gone by and recalling how hard I used to rock the shit out of this during the karaoke era)

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2 thoughts on “A SNAIL ON A RAZOR'S EDGE”

  • One of the very small components of my job is dealing with random morons who find our general number on the website. As such, I don't need Snopes to tell me that this woman's call is real – I have probably spoken with her about her interest in publishing her dramatic retelling of these events.

    Not really, but I have spoken to plenty of people who are just as dumb.

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