If you ever wanted to see a Finnish rockabilly band and the Red Army Choir team up to sing "Sweet Home Alabama" in English, this is probably your only chance. Don't blow it.

I guess I can cross this off my list. Now all I need is a video of a teenaged female Euro-pop duo singing "Insane in the Brain" backed by legenday Tuvan throat singers Huun Huur Tu.

6 thoughts on “NPF: HERE'S YOUR CHANCE”

  • Before I even clicked play, I knew you must be speaking of the LENINGRAD COWBOYS. Have you ever seen any of the movies? I saw LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA at midnight showing a few months ago, and it was pretty fantastic. The Finnish answer to Blues Brothers (because the world really needed one). With a Jim Jarmusch cameo, to boot.My favorite song of theirs is most most definitely their cover of Tom Jones's Delilah. With the Red Russian Army Choir, it's the aural equivalent of taking a giant shit.

  • There is Leningrad Cowboys beer in Finland. Their movie was funny in so many ways, I liked how their manager always had a supply of cold beer available by packing it in the ice in the coffin on the roof of the car.

  • I love the beginning of Leningrad Cowboys Go America — after listening to the band play, the Russian promoter critiques the performance in one word ("shit") and then suggests to the manager that they go to America — because Americans will listen to anything.

    According to a Finnish friend from grad school who knows the producer, the movie is actually a serious allegorical treatment of the fall of Communism and the Russian people's inability to survive without a strongman telling them what to do. We naive Americans just think it's a simple road trip comedy.

    So, Ed, what do you think of Finnish opera metal bands like Nightwish?

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