What the fuck. Someone hurry up and copyright the name "Unkle Tom" if it isn't already taken.

MLK totally would have been a Republican! We can all imagine how readily he would have taken to the party of Trent Lott. As the father of JC Watts once told a reporter, "Black people voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

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2 thoughts on “WICKED MAD SKILLZ”

  • Holy jaw-dropping fuck. After I got over the whole "seriously, is this an Andy-Kaufman-esque prank" reaction, I had to shake my head at the brilliance of such positions as "Nixon was a great Republican because he supported Affirmative Action, which I do not support" and the old canard of "Lincoln and TR were Republicans just like we are"–when can the blatant lie that the post-Reagan Republican party bears any resemblance to its former platform be taken behind the chemical sheds? Soon, please.

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