Schadenfreude has a strong presence on the internet, and my vote for its purest, most misanthropic expression is It is, as the name would indicate, a user-submitted photo gallery of rare, six-figure sports cars turned into piles of rubble by man or nature. Thus the world's wage-earners can visit the site (preferably at work, on the BMW-driving boss's dime) and relish in mental images of vacant yuppies distractedly yakking into a cellphone whilst driving their Ferrari into a rusted-out 1977 Ford Ranchero.
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Or a brick wall.

If you've ever seen an astronomically expensive Italian sports can manufactured after 1980 you realize that they all look like doorstops, flying wedges with about 4 inches of ground clearance and front bumpers low enough to mow lawns. And if you've ever wondered, as I have, what would happen if such a car impacted a normal vehicle at moderate to high speed – say, if a new ($289,000) Lamborghini assholed a Hyundai Entourage minivan – WreckedExotics provides the simple answer: The laws of physics take over.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The best part about that is that it happened to someone who isn't me.
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It's a veritable monument to passive-aggressive bitterness. And I'm OK with it.

(PS: Be sure to check out D-list comedian Eddie "Undercover Brother" Griffin trashing a $1.2 million Enzo Ferrari, one of about 100 in existence.)


  • First, let me sincerely commend you on your wonderful writing style.

    Second, a slight quibble: It should be "Schadenfreude AND Physics."

    Third. OK, I give. What is NPF?

  • Myconfidence says:

    Thank you berry, berry much. Ahhh…after watching knuckleheaded, barely-old-enough-to-shave douches yakking on their cell phone, daydreaming at green lights, and so forth while driving their daddies' Porsches/Ferraris/Lambos/etc. when I was living in New York City, this site will provide retroactive feelings of "Thank Jeebus for Karma" for the foreseeable future.
    Also too, I think any car that can realistically do 180-200 mph ought to require a special driver's license given the frequency of their smashed-upness.

  • Well said, sir… the SUV in question is a Santa Fe, not an Entourage, but hair-splitting aside, I enjoy on a regular basis.

    Keep up the ginny taco good work!

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