1. I am sitting in a chair in the sky and I am blogging.
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Technology is officially starting to creep me out.

2. Sorry Atlanta people, I still think Hartsfield sucks. It isn't getting better with experience.

3. If I ever happen to be on a plane which must be evacuated in an emergency situation, I feel really bad for everyone sitting between me and the exit.

5 thoughts on “THE CREEPS”

  • I heard the airport situation in Toronto was a nightmare, but once you make it through have fun. I give you full permission to use any and all drink tickets I might have been able to acquire.

  • Oh, no question. As a native boy, everyone in Atlanta goes out of their way to avoid having to go through Hartsfield if at all possible. But you haven't yet had the most fun possible. If you think domestic flights are a nightmare there, wait until you're coming back into the country through that blight upon the landscape. It involves, and I shit you not, checking your bags two more times AFTER YOU LAND to get through security. You get your luggage, then tote it about 100 yards to check it through the customs desk AGAIN. It is honestly the dumbest experience I have ever had.

  • Newark is the best airport in the world if you want crippling delays and bottled-up congestion of aircraft. It is a black hole, the Bermuda Triangle, and almost statistically impossible to be anything but 5 hours late if Newark Airport is involved.

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