Apparently there is no free internet at hotels and convention centersres in Toronto. In fact my hotel doesn't even offer cash internet. WTF, Canada?

On the bright side, Toronto is pretty awesome. It's like Chicago except the streets aren't covered in human urine.

Also, Mission One has been accomplished: Tim Horton's. It has been like three years, Timmy. And it's nice to have you inside of me again.
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20 thoughts on “SOCIALISM MY ASS”

  • It is a great town. My wife and I honeymooned in Toronto.

    Check out Chinatown. I am trying to think of the restaurant we went to. Not sure if it is still there…

    Oh, and some great bars. Lots of local musical talent.

  • This will sound odd to those that haven't experienced it directly, but get yourself a hot dog/sausage from one of the street kiosks. They have a relish bar!

  • If more Americans visited, perhaps this "socialist Canada" thing would go away. As an ex-pat Canadian, health care is about the only thing I can remember not having to pay for.

  • My parents are headed up for the holiday weekend; the weather looks beautiful.

    I hope all of you have a horrible time while I'm stuck in Michigan.

  • Tim Horton's. Double Double.
    (Not the same as an In-and-out Double-double)
    Also, my son really likes their donuts.

    Seconding the hot dog carts.

    (and, if you have time, and the interest, was floored by the Royal Canadian Museum's collection of dinosaur bones.)

  • It has been like three years, Timmy. And it’s nice to have you inside of me again.

    You know, read a certain way, those last two sentences sound particularly naughty. :P LOL

  • When I've gone to Canada, the hotel's I've been to have wifi in at least the lobby (though I've never been to Toronto).

    Nothing was quite as surprising when I left Indiana for upstate NY and found Tim Horton's everywhere. Wonderful doughnuts, in my opinion.

  • The Canadians love Timmy Horton's so much they spent $2M to open one on Kandahar Air Field. I've seen it, and weirdly, the doughnuts taste just like the ones in Canada. Mmm…

  • As one of my Canuck friends put it – for a Canadian, what could be better than buying donuts from a hockey player?!? But it's not just Tim's. Toronto has a damned donut shop of some sort on every corner.

    Here in the Detroit area we have Tim's everywhere. It is really, really dangerous.

  • To each his own, but in my qualified opinion as a Canadian, there's really nothing special about the coffee. Maybe I'm just too accustomed to the stuff, but I'd take McDonald's over Tims any day.

  • Had the same trouble with wifi in Montreal recently. We had to go to a local coffee shop to get connected.

    Even so, I'm gonna have to put Toronto on my must visit list.

  • It's unfortunate that you did not have access to internet at your hotel. I don't know if that's the trend at all hotels, but it sucks.

    Now, there are many coffee shops with free internet access. Years ago we had free internet in a the downtown area, but that was a pilot project from the city.

    I'm glad you liked Toronto, it's a great place!

  • You've got it wrong: we here in the T-Dot (no, we don't really call it that, though some pretend to) are not only socialist, we're hard-line communist, so much so that we deny wifi to rich, fatted, American imperialist tourists.

    (It is provided in some city parks, I shit you not. So that makes us hippies, too.)

    I don't drink coffee but I have it on good authority that Tim's is shit. Not THE shit, just shit. On the other hand, the beer here…

  • Yes, but does Toronto have a LuLu's? Possibly the best chinese anywhere. If they have something close, I'll visit.

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