6 thoughts on “11/22”

  • I spend a lot of time watching the History Channel, so I've seen that many times, natch. But in line with your previous post, it just occurred to me that there may be a lot of adolescents and young adults who would look at that image and wonder who these people are and what they are doing. (The latest Twilight novel-turned-movie is on track to make $140 million in its opening weekend. Pray–or weep–for humanity.)

  • Found it interesting that they didn't actually "officially" pronounce him dead for quite some time. And J. Edgar's phone call to Robert was rather crass: "He's dead" and then hangs up? WTF? Some interesting parallels in today's climate re: the treatment of the POTUS by the folks that don't want him in office. Respect and decency, anyone?

  • He was not declared dead because A) they wanted to ensure that they had someone available to administer the oath to LBJ and B) they wanted to keep up the pretense that he was alive so he could be administered the Catholic sacrament of Extreme Unction before he died. That's pretty important to Catholics.

    Technically they still had a pulse and heartbeat when he arrived at the hospital, although the priest they found to give him his Rites claims that the body had a sheet pulled over his face when he arrived.

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