Apparently when I migrated to DreamHost it created some problems with the character encoding – a quick visit to Dr. Google revealed that many people using the DreamHost/WordPress combo experience this problem. I believe I have fixed it, although it involved code and I haven't the slightest damn idea what I'm doing. Also, if you are using FireFox you can resolve any issues with View->Character Encoding to Unicode.

Please let me know if the problem persists.

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4 thoughts on “GIBBERISH”

  • I'm viewing this using (a pre-release version of) Win 7, and Firefox 3.0.

    Everything here has always looked fine to me, though I magnify the print to accommodate my aging eyes.


  • Ditto, all good in firefox and NetNewsWire browser (for RSS). Honestly though, always magnifying the text. Maybe up it a point? It's your aesthetics, of course, but its mighty small.

  • "After all these years," I moaned, "browsers should auto-detect!" Publishing matures so slowly.

    The night before I had switched Firefox View Character Set in a few seconds. No hassle. I like browsers with tools. I want user controls, But fiddling with nests and toggles in the Menu Bar is old hat.

    Today my landlady thought the gibberish must be 'malware'. She was worried about slacking on Windows Update. :-) I explained ANSI, ASCII, Western and Unicode format tables, er, and a trillion switches, and how the browser uses symbol sets, er, fonts. I think I used between five minutes and the rest of the day to say it.

    Someday, browsers should look for and retain metadata too. We should not relinquish our public ways to owners and we should always retain an authors' rightful style and deed.

  • Jeffey–how do you magnify the text?
    Press CTRL and scroll. Firefox remembers text size for everything in my bookmarks.

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