In celebration of all of the good, happy, and not-even-remotely negative things in the world, I present, in no particular order, a picture of an infant hamster eating corn, the 1982 Super Bowl halftime show by Up With People, and a tiny toddler interacting with a 200 pound Newfoundland dog.

I hope this has been informative happy. Ecstatically so!

18 thoughts on “NPF: HAPPY HAPPINESS DAY!”

  • Photo #2 reminded me of a good friend of mine, who was actually IN Up With People for several years. Now I have a plausible reason to drop him a 'hi, how are you these days?' message. Thanks!

  • I swear, the #1 reason I am planning to have kids is because I need more baby-laughs in my life. Someone else can take 'em once they get surly.

  • I am also a sucker for the baby laughs.

    My big happy for the day: I was able to successfully create a bookmark for G&T on my Droid home page and the website looks great.


    It is, however, quite entertaining. And saves me a trip to I Can Has Cheezburger?, so there's that.

  • c'mon man – that's just mean.

    BTW – thanks for keeping the Hurricanes in Carolina from your NPF hockey post a few weeks back. As a Caniac,it was greatly appreciated.

    And put up the tip jar already . . .

  • I'm blowing snot bubbles of delight out of my nose. And ifn' I were a 'bagger, all of my old sphincters would be puckierin' with joy over the actions of Patriot Joe Stack against Tyranny.

    Patriot, I say. Against… Tyranny.

    He chose to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposin' end them. Way to stand up to Section 1706 paragraph cee through dee of the 1986 Tax Reform Act. And also striking a blow for information technology professional whose property is in abutment with Church Land.

    Sez Joe "Try and collect from me NOW!"

    Happy. Happy! HAPPY!!!

  • I might snap under the pressure of so much happiness. Overly happy people do crazy things. Like, try to share their happiness with others.

  • You monster! "Up With People""? To para-quote Baby Bowler, "There's not enough beer in the world" to erase that image from my mind's eye now. I'm going to run a tub of warm water and dig out a razor blade now. I may be some time.

  • I'm going to have to firmly disagree here on the subject of dwarf hamsters. Cute they are, but they will skin you alive like piranhas if you're not careful about never touching them. I once saw a little girl in a pet store put her finger in the cage of a dwarf hamster– the finger came out with a hamster clamped on the end of it. But they sure are cute, though. Can't argue that.

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