This site is ad-free and always will be. That said, I've decided to offer some swag to help cover costs. If you'd like to buy something to help support the site, great. If not, that's great too. Please note that it will take another week or two for the finished products to arrive, so don't fret if and when they don't arrive in your mailbox immediately.

Tack on $5 for shipping to other countries. Sorry, but that shit's expensive now.

These are perfect for your laptop, bumper, guitar case, locker, bike helmet, front door (keep the Jehovah's Witnesses away), bong, or forehead. In the absence of clothing, one or more stickers can be placed hastily over your genitals.

3" x 5" stickers on heavy white vinyl – $3.50 (shipping included, unless it's outside of the U.S.)

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39 Responses to “NPF: PROJECT SWAG”

  1. ladiesbane Says:

    Please consider whomping up some T-shirts! Cafe Press or something — I have no place for a sticker, but I would wear a T-shirt (tank top, hoodie) to death.

  2. Greg Says:

    Hi Ed,

    First time commenter short time reader here. What does "NPF" mean? National Psoriasis Foundation?

  3. Jason Harx Says:

    WTF? No shirts?

  4. Brandon Says:

    NPF = No Politics Friday

  5. Crazy for Urban Planning Says:

    Ed – where is the Russian Cyrillic on your cool sticker?

  6. Crazy for Urban Planning Says:

    Ed, In Bulgarian now:

    Ед – Къде е сурилски език?

  7. Sator Arepo Says:

    Wait–what is this "bong" of which you speak?

  8. Andrew Says:

    Sent. By "cover costs" I hope you mean restocking gin and/or tacos (aka blogfuel).


  9. Adiaphora Says:

    I would definitely buy a shirt if they were to be made.

  10. 16shellsfromathirtyaughtsix Says:

    I just hope my bank teller wonders where this new liquor-and-mexican food-themed restaurant is located.

  11. Ed Says:

    Shirts and other stuff are on the way. Perhaps some coffee mugs.

  12. Shane Says:

    A coffee mug would rock.

  13. Nick Says:

    Sweet! I will absolutely buy a shirt when they are made available.

  14. skyskier Says:

    Ed – Please add a tip jar for those of us who don't need swag but would like to dump untold fortunes on your poor, funny-shaped head.

  15. Mark Says:

    Would love a G&T coffee mug for my desk at work!

  16. Jon Says:

    Pint glasses would be nice.

  17. Nick Says:

    Or martini glasses.

  18. Amanda Says:

    I would buy a hoodie or a coffee mug. :-)

  19. 1st timer Says:

    see also: keychains, refrigerator magnets, Steins, Fake $$ with the logo and other artful amendments, towels(yes), pens that light up, Taco sauce. Yes I'd buy a shirt too.

  20. Wisakedjak Says:

    Ed, I want your babies, but I will settle for vinyl stickers of your website

  21. jim Says:

    GOGOGO coffee mug!

  22. Elder Futhark Says:


    Your pretence of plodding behind some plow like some ignorant farmer is beneath you. 'Fess up.

    Today's bong is not your grandfather's bong. In fact, the current innovations – variable geometry, negative refractive index metamaterials, fluvial fundibulators, and do we even need to mention anticavitation venturi gates? – have been incorporated into the x-37B.

    Another successful launch.

    Now, you must excuse me, but my hat is leaking water on the carpet…I…think…

  23. Mark Says:

    I want a hat that I can wear backwards. That would make Ed proud!

    Oh, and condoms?

  24. smelter rat Says:

    T-shirts with a Canadian option please!!

  25. SamInMpls Says:

    That purchase took all of 0.8 seconds to decide upon. Its damn about time Ed.

    I want a Special Edition Teabagger Ed Action Figure with tin foil cap!

  26. Polk Says:

    t-shirt that says fuck ayn rand please

  27. 1st timer Says:

    Oh. That's perfect.

  28. comrade x Says:

    Great! Now I have something to stick over my ears the next time Sarah Palin tries to give a speech!

  29. Prudence Says:

    Cafe Press, t-shirts, easy. Sign me up, Dr Ed.

  30. fuzzbuzz215 Says:

    hey Ed and other G&T Readers, thought you would like this link.

  31. Sator Arepo Says:

    Elder Futhark,

    Well played, sir.

  32. ts46064 Says:

    @ Polk
    I love the idea of a "fuck ayn rand" shit it would be nice to have a more work/school appropriate shirt. One that will still piss off randtards.

  33. beau Says:


  34. Anthony Says:


  35. anns Says:

    I just discovered this site today (Mike the Mad Biologist) and I will totally buy one of those as a shirt. I'll be RSSing, so please post when you've got em.

  36. Shane Says:

    Gin and Tacos dildos? You know, for the special women in our lives.

  37. Prudence Says:

    YES! Anti-Ayn Rand shirt, pls. I hate that genocidal ho-bag.

  38. Patti Says:

    I'm holding out for the classic tote bag. Or, the umbrella featuring a picture of the classic tote bag.

  39. Fredericka Aste Says:

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