This site is ad-free and always will be. That said, I've decided to offer some swag to help cover costs. If you'd like to buy something to help support the site, great. If not, that's great too. Please note that it will take another week or two for the finished products to arrive, so don't fret if and when they don't arrive in your mailbox immediately.

Tack on $5 for shipping to other countries. Sorry, but that shit's expensive now.

These are perfect for your laptop, bumper, guitar case, locker, bike helmet, front door (keep the Jehovah's Witnesses away), bong, or forehead. In the absence of clothing, one or more stickers can be placed hastily over your genitals.

3" x 5" stickers on heavy white vinyl – $3.50 (shipping included, unless it's outside of the U.S.)

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