What has two thumbs and is heading to the airport for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals? This guy.

Goal horns are common in North American hockey stadiums.** The tradition arises from the fact that early 20th Century refrigeration technology required phenomenal amounts of water to maintain an ice surface, so arenas were located on lakes or rivers. With each home team goal, ships passing or docked nearby would blow their foghorns. Fans got accustomed to it so when the technology improved and stadiums moved inland, they brought the horns with them.

Now that is a Random Fact of No Particular Relevancetm.

**(Note: some inferior teams made up of little bitches, such as the Philadelphia Flyers, substitute a train horn or worse. For shame.)


  • The Hawks have a great team this year. Enjoy the game and the series. There is no joy for me this year. Only shame.
    –Bruins fan

  • This is the most "who gives a fuck" finals ever. I've hated the Flyers for over 35 years, back to the Fred Sherro days when they always scored the winning goal with a man, not only in the crease, but wrestling with the goal tender.

    Joel Quenville is a pant-shitting cry baby, and Patric Kane is a twit, no matter how many goals he scores.

    Is there some way they can both lose?


  • Not much of a hockey fan, but this is exactly the kind of historical/geographic trivia I love!

  • Phone Company Park in SF always blasts the foghorn whenever one of the Giants hits a homerun. If it's a splash hit into the bay over the right field wall, they spray water out of towers installed for the purpose. It's pretty awesome, and amusing that it's hockey-related, historically speaking.

  • @jazzbumpa-So, Sharks fan or Bruins fan? Certainly not a fan of spelling, that's for sure.
    And fuck the Flyers.

  • tommy –

    Nope, neither. On balance I'm for the Hawks. Or, shall I say, marginally less against.

    On top of (or perhaps underneath) everything else, the Phliers have Pronger, the generally recognized dirtiest player in the league.

    So, I elided a "k" from Patty's name. Honest typo. I make them all the time.

    Go (gag!) Hawks.

    Oh – and Fill -it's Jazz.


  • Roberto, in the time it took me to respond to your inane taunting, Michael Leighton surrendered 4 more goals.

  • That's the kind of game I like to see the Flyers lose.

    Fuck the Flyers and Keith Primeau (10 years and 25 days later).

  • Canadian Geoff says:

    No, it's a random fact of no particular truthiness I'm afraid.

    How would a passing ship on, say, Lake Ontario, know when the home team had scored a goal on the ice on the edge of said Lake, several miles away? Or perhaps, what ice-covered rivers with solid ice on the edge and ships passing down the middle could you be speaking of?

    I've been a fellow humanities grad student of course, Professor, but in the distinctly different discipline of history. (Canadian history to boot!). So have to ask, got a reference for that claim?

    Footnotes rule, and proper scholars spend more time agonizing over them than anything in the text.

  • @Canadian Geoff:

    Can I just point out that "proper scholars" probably don't use the word "fuck" a lot in their articles, nor write about the terror that is the American sub-compact car to great comedic effect. You may be in the wrong place.

  • As much as I hate to agree with Canadians in general (why have they amassed so much of their population on OUR border?), I do have to agree with the points made by Canadian Geoff with regards to "Passing Ships".

    Now, I do know that ship horns are the only appropriate horn noise, but I had heard that it had to do with the location of lake rinks – close to both town and the shore, which tended to be near the docks, where ship horns would be the loudest sound-maker nearby. When the home team scores, you want the whole town to know, so sound the loudest horn you can find. It's akin to Mayor Daley (okay, the Fire Commissioner) setting off the Air Raid Sirens in 1959.

  • So let me get this straight: when the Blackhawks score a goal, they play a lame-ass song that was featured in an Amstel Light commercial, and you call the Flyers "little bitches?"

    Chicago is the most overrated sports town in America. Take a candy-ass Boston fan, add 30 lbs., a bad haircut and a flat accent and you've got a Chicago fan.

  • Well, you're giving a fine example the high caliber of fan that inhabits Philadelphia. Good luck tonight, with that Michael Leighton thing.

    As a rule, I definitely think Philadelphia sports fans should be going after other people about their weight and intelligence. You hold quite a bit of high ground there.

  • Ice hockey. Take all the excitement of field hockey, then add figure skating and you've got yourself one hell of a… no, wait. That sounds really lame…

  • Every city has asshole sports fans. I'm a Blackhawks fan and I am annoyed by the song that plays after every goal they score, but I still want them to light up the opponent. It's definitely no Na Na Na Na Hey Hey whatever that the Sox play by Steam which has always been catchy to me.

    I'm not taking Philly as lightly as everyone else seems to be, because I think they have more line balance in terms of scorin. San Jose relied way too heavily on the Thornton line, and Marleau was pretty much the only Shark scoring the goals. I think he had 5 in 4 games for them. In terms of goaltending I think Pekka Rinne did the best job early in the first round series against the Hawks, but by game 4 the offense opened up and the Hawks have been about as good as they can be. I'll take Niemi over Boucher or Leighton.

  • I live south of Indianapolis. I'm not joking. The local NBC affiliate is showing…the 500 banquet. Not joking in any way. Until 10 PM. That's about 2/3 of the game not counting possible OTs. You couldn't make this shit up Ed.

  • I actually enjoy the Fratellis. Both United Center teams use "Chelsey Dagger" to celebrate victory. During the Bulls' playoff wins vs. Boston last year, people were cranking it as they left the UC.

    Fuck Philly.

  • SixStringFanatic says:

    Sorry I didn't see this much earlier, but yeah, you're right. WTHR showed the fucking Indy 500 awards banquet until 10 pm. They did have the hockey game on their weather channel but that only helped if you have a digital over the air receiver or your cable system carries their weather channel. And the picture was fucking horrid; badly pixillated, couldn't handle motion well. I've seen better picture quality on flash video through a shitty online connection. This is how bad it sucks to be a hockey fan in Indiana.

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