From MacKuen, Erikson, and Stimson's classic article "Macropartisanship", American Political Science Review 83(4), pp. 1125-1142

15 thoughts on “NOT ROCKET SCIENCE”

  • VotingSolvesNothing: Yes it did. You just didn't notice it because he didn't want you to know about it, so you'd go and spend it as opposed to socking it away. Not to mention all the slightly more abstract, but just as real, ways the stimulus put money in your pocket. Good for the economy, bad for the politics.

    But this is an excellent example of voter ignorance, so thanks for the illustration.

  • Consumer sentiment is kind of the wrong word hear. Tax cuts are nice for businessmen cus it instantly increases their workable budget, they like to be able to plan for every-fucking thing. Same, Healthcare makes a LOT of new considerations for people's budgets.

    All in all it makes doing business a bit more complex and, even though the reform may turn out to be the most amazing thing evaaarrr (I'll be witholding judgement). I can absolutely see how people are getting all pissed off going "OMFG, but aam broke NOW!"

    A lot of people are suffering pretty bad right now, and they don't want to wait any longer. I do empathize with that, and because of that empathy, I kind of look at the actual political ideological discussion as something of a silly side-show. We all know "centrism" is where ya really wanna be.

  • thanks for the nice appeal to the man, and I'm not much of a man, I got a bunch of BPA in my system as a child and even developed mammary glands.

  • I just view this as depressing. It means that really, the only thing people care about is the economy, and beyond that, the government can do anything and who cares.

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