Isn't science great? It's out there every day finding ways to cure diseases, feed the hungry, help the environment, and make the inconveniences of modern life a little less inconvenient. Without the scientific advances of the last century our average lifespan would be 25 years shorter and mankind would still be spending the vast majority of its human capital trying not to starve to death every winter. Every day the billions of dollars funneled into scientific research and development yield new rewards to humanity.
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New Mexico State University's chili breeding program has created a new "extra large, medium hot jalapeno pepper precisely optimized for jalapeno poppers." The NuMex Jalmundo will change the menus at bowling alleys forever.

The peppers, created at NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute, are a hybrid of bell pepper and jalapeno. The bell pepper provided a larger interior cavity, perfect for stuffing with cheese and then frying. The Jalmundo has a heat level of 17,000 Scoville Heat Units, about double the average jalapeno pepper, but still well below the 1,359,000 of the Naga Viper.
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As for the name, Paul Bosland — the co-founder of the nonprofit Chile Pepper Institute — explained…the name Jalmundo is a contraction of jalapeno and the Spanish word for world (mundo), implying that it is as big as the world.

Well, now that we've settled that…

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  • airguitarnightmare says:

    Awesome. Because they weren't fattening enough already. These will go nicely with the new stomach-sized Starbuck's drink.

    I'm tired, so forgive the rambling, but it crossed my mind today that we can't have a meaningful discussion about health care in this country without involving the topic of food/ag policy.

  • So I'm wondering–did the feds pony up the grant money for that research, or was it a private entity.

    Oh, well. I guess at least we won't have to hear the right-wingers bitch about this kind of research.

  • Science doesn't have to be ALL dreary warnings about the imminent death of our species. Sometimes it can be used for just pleasure. This is like saying that because of lolcats, the internet is a failure.

  • displaced Capitalist says:

    How on earth is this institute non-profit, when they're presumably making this for profit?

    Or does the welfare of bowling alleys promote the advancement of humanity?

  • @Zebbidie-Like Viagra? And breast enlargement. And penis enlargement. And prvivate space travel! Improve the distillation of alcohol for better Gin and genetically engineered corn for superior Tacos!

  • Zebbidie, I feel very strongly that lolcats MAY be the internet's second-greatest SUCCESS.

    (after Gin and Tacos, of course.)

  • Non-profits, make money, they just don't funnel "Profits" to owners/employees/share holders. The reinvest the "surplus" & use it to reach their goals. In this case a spicy bell pepper. (There are also ownership differences between non-profits & for profit companies. Non-profits cannot be individually owned as a specific example.)

  • Laugh it up…

    I'm with HoosierPoli: it sounds wonderful.

    In addition, I'm an enthusiastic supporter of science, even before the practical application arrives. So, even if you think the production of popper-destined peppers isn't worthwhile, the process involved may yield more useful hybridization techniques (by your utility function)

    (Also, I sincerely hope that there was some *science* here, and not just breeding/engineering. That is, was the end-product the only new thing (engineering) or was the process and data collection important (science)?

  • We don't need no steenking Jalmundo!

    I laugh at your 17,000 Scoville units. Mi perro's breath is hotter than that…


  • Mmm, two things.

    1) Basically, all of the citrus fruits that we eat –lemons, oranges, grapefruit, &c– are fake; man-created hybrids. So it ain't like this is a NEW new use for science or anything.

    2) Heh, gotta love New Mexico. I hope to move back there one day soon.

  • That's in my state! We love our chile in New Mexico–and yes, it is spelled "chile," so whoever wrote "chili pepper" in the first sentence of that story should be strung up and fed Scotch Bonnet CHILES. Oh, and "Jalmundo" is pronounced "Halmoondo." For all you Spanish-impaired out there.

  • Wondering if the broncoberry is a cross between a stallion and a rasberry.

    Worse. A cross between a bronchial tube and a rasperry.

  • Surprising to see NMSU receive mention here. I recently re-enrolled in NMState to pursue my MS (Engineering). As an undergrad I worked in the same building that the "Chile Institute" was located, for the soil science department and I'd occasionally see Bosland walking the halls. They're always trying to breed the hottest chile, among other things there.

    Interestingly, Dr. Bosland was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for breeding a spice-less chile pepper in 1999. He occasionally shows up in plant-related documentaries too.

  • @ bob_is_boring:

    1) Basically, all of the citrus fruits that we eat –lemons, oranges, grapefruit, &c– are fake; man-created hybrids. So it ain't like this is a NEW new use for science or anything.

    Having found much hilarity in the infamous fundie-christian Kirk Cameron "atheist's nightmare" Christian banana video, which is so priceless if you haven't seen it, I was shocked to learn a few years ago that bananas haven't had sex in 10,000 years.

    Man, I know how they feel. BA-DA-DUM. Thank you folks, I'm here every night …

  • @Southern Beale: KC is an inbreed moron: Read this…
    (you may like the part about the "twins")

    Broncoberry is a breakfast cereal.

    @Jude: Of course they get FED cash and ConArga, ADM, Monstanto, Dow, Dupont as well and Fed monies from
    those agribizes

  • @Tosh:

    Yeah that story I linked to was about how they need to genetically modify bananas with a rice gene because they have no defenses against a fungus, as they haven't had sex in 10,000 years. Hilarious.

    Years and years ago …. like back in the '80s … I ran across some Kirk Cameron types at Tony Roma's in Santa Monica. They were sitting next to us and talking REALLY LOUDLY about how wonderful God is to have created this delicious barbecue, it just proves that God loves us, right? Now, I'm a church-goer but I'm more of the mainstream social-justice Presbyterian variety, not the PROCLAIM GOD'S EXISTENCE IN BARBECUE type, and I was horrified when my mother tried to engage them in conversation just to stir shit up. The young woman was really happy to tell me that some scientist at Princeton has proved that evolution doesn't exist! I just thought: what a bunch of horseshit.

    Anyway, I don't know if it's economic evolution or what but Tony Roma's declared bankruptcy, didn't it? I do know I don't see their restaurants around anymore.

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