I have no idea if "Ludditry" is a word, but I'm not sure how else to describe 365 Days of A. A man drives a 1930 Ford Model A for an entire year, including through a Michigan winter. It's pointless, of course, yet a very interesting look at how far technology has brought us in a relatively short time.

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  • I'm starting a new site: 365 days of wiping my ass with my iphone-dot com. Basically, I'll be taking the opposite approach as this guy. I will try to live in the woods using only my apple ecosystem as a means to survive. Wipe my ass with my iphone. Hunt, chase down and kill deer by bluedgeoning them with my macbook air. Use my ipad as a shovel to create earthen wind breaks. Perfect the art of fishing with my shiny nano. You get the gist. You know I got skills. Should be a hoot.

  • Da Moose, I might suggest using stock certificates rather than an iPhone. Although I suppose the possibility of paper cuts might make this a bad idea.

  • Entomologista says:

    People who hate technology should be forced to take on the parasite load of the average pre-technological human. Maybe they won't bitch so much after a good dose of epidemic typhus.

  • With all of its hassles, hopping on a jet in LA and being in Chicago in four hours should still be considered with a degree of amazement. Particularly by those of us whose ancestors pulled into Ellis Island on creaking death ships.

    Ed seems to go through hardcore existential funks now and then. He's always eventually reset to the usual morbid scorched-earth sarcasm.

  • Pretty amazing to use a Model A as your daily driver.

    I have a 57 Desoto, which is at least a generation newer than a Model A, and I wouldn't think of driving it daily.

    I got caught in the rain once with it and it leaks like a sieve. Apparently they leaked when they were new – late 50's Chrysler products were pretty but they had serious build issues.

  • late 50's Chrysler products were pretty but they had serious build issues.

    Fortunately, in later years they overcame the inconvenience of being pretty as well.

    I'm starting a new site: 365 days of wiping my ass with my iphone-dot com.

    Can't be that much more uncomfortable than the keyboard you're using to wipe your ass with now.

  • Because Luddites would of course be very pro Model A Ford, what with the production line and mechanisation and all.

  • Middle Seaman says:

    How far technology has brought us in a relatively short time? From President Hoover to President Obama. You call this progress?

  • Love the link. Having driven "old" cars for most of my life and maintaining them with my own hands, I'm not too sure how tough this guy is. Model A's are pretty logically constructed and were designed to be serviced by the average guy.

    Still, a midwest winter with the shite heaters of the day, I give him ample props.

    I would also like to extend my high praise to the commenters on this blog. Coffee (or adult beverages) through the nose are a common reaction. DaMoose wins for the day.

    Apple skills indeed, sir.

  • @Nunya,

    Wow. Just wow. And nowhere in the FAQs is the question, "are you out of your f@%king minds???".

  • I'm tired of these contrived niche limited time documentaries. They are angling for book deals because idiot publishers or television produces keep giving them deals. What is the point? The chick who only bought what Oprah recommended, the annoying douche who eschewed electricity (except for his Apple laptop of course) for a year, the one that followed high school kids to their neat and profitable collegiate ends, even Super Size me and all it's knock-offs (Super High Me and Fat Head) what do they prove? Nothing. They're novelty acts.

    As goofy as Da Moose's idea is, the reality is that he probably could get a deal. Film yourself for six months surviving solely off Apple products. Someone would think it was brilliant. Personally, I hope all Apple users get eaten by Bears, but that's just me.

  • smelter rat says:

    Who cares why he's doing it. The fact is, no one has driven a Model A for 365 days in a row sine…well….the 30's. That's cool in my book.

  • I always wonder if the "check out what I'm doing for a year" blog is for others, or for one's self. And why they're always a variation on the topic of "look how I'm roughing it, sort of … on the internet." Not that I think they should be putting out zines or something. Just an observation.

    And it's not like I'm making all my own clothes for a year, or driving a Model A, or even bothering to update my own art blog, so I can't say much.

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