I was half-tempted to skip NPF and eulogize Andrew Breitbart, but instead let's do A Little Politics Friday: here's a link to Andrew Breitbart's FJMing from 2008. That was back when he was merely dumb. It took him a few years to work up to being a malignant tumor on our public discourse.

And I'm sorry to be hitting you with all of these random links on Fridays, but HOLY BALLS THE BULGARIANS BUILT A GODDAMN JAMES BOND VILLAIN LAIR ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN back during the Cold War.

Check out this site for a photo tour of the property. Usually I find blogs full of "Hey look, an abandoned building!" pictures somewhat trite, but this is no ordinary abandoned building and the photographer relays some interesting history behind it too.
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It's like a flying saucer / monument and it's covered with Communist-era frescoes. Someone graffiti-ed the entrance with the phrase (in English, curiously) "Forget Your Past." Not a chance, buddy. This is the kind of thing that needs to be remembered.
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Oh, and incidentally, do any other fans of modern architecture note more than a passing resemblance to Oscar Niemayer's Congresso Nacional building in Brasilia?

Maybe "resemblance" is the wrong term, but there is clearly some shared stylistic DNA there.

22 thoughts on “NPF: FORGET YOUR PAST”

  • Death appears to be doing Breitbart a favor, insofar as, much as it did with other loathsome public figures, it has inspired his obituaries to 'play nice' and represent him as "a former journalist and a figure of controversy for his strong opinions," rather than what could more accurately be said of him, "a fucking liar with the morals of Roy Cohn and the dignity of a TMZ outtake reel." No, instead, our grey eminences will usher him from this mortal coil with what they think is good taste, refusing to call him what he was, because a tepid falsehood-by-exclusion will upset the digestions of fewer of their fussyboots readers/viewers than summoning the courage to overcome the awkwardness of the truth. Which, to repeat, was this: "He was a fucking liar with the morals of Roy Cohn and the dignity of a TMZ outtake reel." And to add to that: "The world is richer for his loss. Fuck him. May he be forgotten by tomorrow."

    Cool digs in Bulgaria!

  • The FJM needs to be updated to include that redefinition of abject Hollywood failure "Atlas Shrugged".

  • I love that Eastern Bloc design; it's all 30s futurism, like the covers of my old Del Rey paperbacks, and it's way cooler than a Bond villain lair. Elrod House, used in "Diamonds Are Forever", makes me expect to see a couple in white "Logan's Run" jumpsuits reclining on a flokati and pretending to eat fondue. There is probably a conical rust-red fireplace just off camera. But that Bulgarian joint is eternal. It needs to be made into a hotel with a large bar, preferably within walking distance of my house.

    And hey, I love the Flashback Friday — let's have that more often. It may not be NPF, strictly speaking, but a sense of history keeps things in perspective. Living at Webspeed makes us forgetful.

  • Middle Seaman says:

    The Bulgarian building is less bombastic than a collection of monuments and buildings I found several good months ago from Tito's Yugoslavia. It's communist extravagance of which even we have some samples of. The monument to WWII on the Mall in the capital is an atrocity against even bad taste. It looks very communist.

    Andrew Breitbart was just a middle of the road Republican fanatic. Have you listened to Newt recently? Newt is much more extreme and sleazy. The following are Republican mantras: Health insurance is bad for your health. Global warming is cool. Why aren't the poor paying more taxes? Let's revive the auto industry by killing it. Rick Insane with a JD and an MBA opposes college education for everyone else. Obama is a socialist (and the bank's best friend).

    Andrew seemed foaming and spitting while his bigger brothers claim prudence. Fire trUCK.

  • I would not be surprised if Breitbart's death was heart related. Last time I saw a video of the man he was screaming "BEHAAAAAAAAAVE YOURSELF" repeatedly and at the top of his lungs at a group of Occupy protesters. Daryl Lamont Jenkins of One People's Project also managed to make Breitbart go into a spitting rage one time.

    More on topic, check out Bucharest's Case Popolare(People's house) the house of parliament. It is the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon. Think about that. The world's most powerful superpower builds the world's largest building; a revisionist socialist East Bloc nation builds the second largest. The USSR might have beat them had it built the Palace of the Soviets(google it), but instead all we have is this crappy church.

  • Breitbart spent his adult years trying to make the world a better place – and he finally succeeded.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    The nicest way to look at his death, is that it's a shame he didn't live long enough to learn how wrong he was, and apologize for his actions.

    And the world will miss the musical Monkee far more, and far longer, than this rabid ape.

    Oh, and much of Brasilia was based on the architectural genius of this man.

    He spent a good chunk of his life writing about, and planning, the designs of 'utopian cities.'

  • Sorry off topic @eau, glenh, et al: Carr?? May I be the first to welcome you to the great nation of Macqstralia (though MacqBankistan has a certain ring). WASF!

  • HoosierPoli says:

    "The monument to WWII on the Mall in the capital is an atrocity against even bad taste. It looks very communist."

    I've found that it echoes Albert Speer…no, wait, not echoes, SCREAMS. Hard-lined neoclassical architecture, with curves substituted with rough angular lines…it would make Hitler wet.

  • Jeff – those of us who came late on the scene and missed the original FJM posts did – guess what? – Googled "FJM treatment."

  • I say that building is just begging to be attacked by the crawling eye. Perhaps the obelisk-like structure dispenses napalm.

  • FJM = "Fire Joe Morgan." Taken from a popular, long-defunct sports blog that used a line-by-line response format. I've seen it done elsewhere but it hasn't turned into a full-blown meme.

    I have long been a fan of entertainment-noir journalist Mark Ebner (one of the first and most relentless antagonists of the Church of Scientology). Thus, I read Hollywood Interrupted, the book he co-authored with Breitbart. It's clear which chapters where whose, and the whole thing is an awkward combination of extremely diligent gossip and bombastic right-wing polemic. Still, it was clear Andy had not yet gone full-tilt – he was shrewd, entertaining and made some fair points.

    His may be the first documented death from Obama Derangement Syndrome. I hope it draws some attention to this dangerous but treatable condition. I haven't seen any Gadsden-flag ribbons.

  • WANT.

    One of those frescos would make an awesome tiled floor. Getting it out and shipping it to the US might be tough, though.

  • Number Three says:

    There are those among us . . . who don't remember the glory days of 'Fire Joe Morgan'. To them, I say, there was a Golden Age . . .

  • See, I saw the picture of the snowy bunker and before I read the description I thought it was a screen cap from the third level of Inception.

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