The time has come for changes here at Gin and Tacos, a subsidiary of Nordyne Defense Dynamics. To accompany the relocation of the world headquarters from the South to the Midwest, the Board of Directors feels that it is time to freshen up the image of its signature blog. After debating several ideas for radical change – switching to an all-mime video blogging format, replacing NPF with "Hardcore Pornography Thursday", shifting our primary focus to Perfect Strangers slash fiction – cooler heads prevailed and it was decided that the status quo would be maintained for content but the content delivery needed a makeover.

Now it's time for a little market research. What suggestions do you, the loyal consumer, have for us? Are there particular features you'd like to see added to the site? Glitches in need of fixing? Layout/readability issues that bother you? A few issues are already well known to the higher-ups: comments get cut off with some regularity, and we will add threaded comments to facilitate bickering with bb responding directly to previous comments. We are also aware of issues with the current background at higher screen resolutions and with certain browsers. So those problems will be addressed. Any suggestions (about design and layout, not content) you wish to offer here will be taken seriously and subjected to due diligence.

Like all grotesquely large corporations, Nordyne has decided to outsource the job of Gin and Tacos Webmaster to an outside contractor. Do you think that might be you? Are you man/woman enough to fill that important role, probably for little to no compensation? Do you want your creative stamp to imprint upon this website and resonate with visitors for years to come?

It has been about four full years since the Big Redesign (from the old "green gin bottle" background and Moveable Type to the current Soviet propaganda/WordPress motif) and we believe that it is high time for the next step in the visual evolution of the internet's premiere source of politics, random information, and jokes about pant-shitting.


Armand B. Ginandtacos IV
CEO and Potentate
Nordyne Defense Dynamics

100 thoughts on “NPF: SUGGESTION BOX”

  • I would like to know who the fuck shot down "Hard Core Pornography Thursday"? I worked for *months* on that proposal. Who spiked it? Elle? Ladiesbane? Don't hide back there–I can see you! Oh, great–look at this, you made Major Kong cry! Goddammit, I hope you killjoys are happy.

  • @J. Dryden

    Don't think that throwing accusations around will distract from your epic cock-block of my Perfect Strangers suggestion. Everyone knows that the most effective way to destabilise the heternormative paradigm is to write stories about male cousins fucking. I just don't even feel like this is safe space anymore.

  • @ Elle: Oh, for the love of–IT'S BEEN DONE. Check out the domain listings:–taken.–taken.–taken. DOT GOV! Taken! Are we trying to build a franchise here, or are we just gonna ride coattails?!

  • A "Donate Button" so I can send you some of my spare Aussie change from time to time.

    Oh coffee mugs. Preferably with that kind of ink that changes colour when it's warm with some kind of subversive message. The kind of thing I can send my brother and brother-in-law.

    A smart phone layout would be good, or how about an App?

  • More trenchant comment, preferably laced with libidinous subcontext. And, you know, the gritty stuff that we believe to be honorable content. Or something to that effect.

  • Second the donate button, or perhaps a PO box for sending checks. I would love to see a coffee mug with the current graphic.

  • @J. Dryden

    Oh please! Those sites are hopelessly vanilla. Everyone knows that kinky cousin-fic is truly at the bleeding edge of subversion. (Literally, as long as you warn for it.)

  • I request regular Saturday and Sunday columns and off season Olympics coverage.

    Thank you,


  • I think these might be going out of vogue slightly, but I quite like those widgets in the sidebar that tell you who has commented on what most recently.

  • Ed, your blog has some of the best commentary I have seen anywhere on the web and I would love to be able to express my admiration of truly great responses.

    Other than that, I would simply ask that 1. You recognize your contribution to intelligent discourse and 2. Please continue to enlighten the unwashed masses with your insight.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  • I never notice design or layout unless they are just too distracting to keep me from easily reading the text. Do what you like.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    How about NBRSS (Nothing But Religious Stupidity Sundays)?

    All you'd have to do is put up the title, and we commenters will do the rest. We can provide examples of religious insanity in our neighborhoods, states, the country, or the world – with links, of course.

    This will give the commenter here like me something to do Saturday's besides surf for porn and try to avoid actual human contact – especially with family members (though, according to Elle, some male family members may be involved in the making of said porn).

    And if not that, my usual request – less feckin' taco's, and MORE FECKIN' GIN!

  • Saturday could be Make Fun Of Banal Sports Commentary Day. I think the Olympics will get us through the November election.

    In other words, MORE GIN AND TACOS,


  • Honestly, I think a better name for the blog would be more lucrative for you. Content and layout are great.

  • l have slow access. Please don't add a bunch of goofy crap. The text is the important thing here, and that trumps all other trendy considerations. I like the idea of 'reply to' capability.

    Thank you for all you do, and thanks to the commenters. All good….
    Will Nordyne be adversly affected by the 'fiscal cliff'?
    Should donations be up'd to offset?

  • Take your best stuff, put it in a book. It would make the best gift for all of our conservative friends and family.

    Nothing says Merry Xmas like massive pants-shitting.

  • Middle Seaman says:

    Things are fine. Confession: I read very few blogs (4 politics; 3 European; one art). It means I like the content.

    Don't use replies to comments. It's a snake pit.. people lose it. Don't open thread; it opens the door for intense stupidity. Limit the number of words in a comment. Let the kids think. Practice expelling commenters; it's a lot of fun.

    Have a topic day. Example: Corruption Tuesday. How about G&T twitter. My youngest reads only twitts. He is brilliant (say wife brothers friends dad).

  • grumpygradstudent says:

    Have a link on the homepage called Ginandtacos Greatest Hits. Put 10 or 20 of the best and/or most controversial posts up there to suck in new readers.

    It would be cool if there were a way to see what other comments somebody has made on other posts. It would be a good way to assess whether they're worth arguing with or not.

  • Gin and Tacos meetups. Given the quality of the commenting, I'd love to dring a couple pints with other members of our community. No Pabst.

  • Oh, and if you need any help with migrating the data to a new blog/site, let me know (professional dev here).

  • The only thing I'd like to see changed is to have clickable links open in a new window. Sometimes I want to read the clickable link, but would rather have it open up in a new window so I can get to it later. Oh, and I second the coffee mug idea. I'd buy one of those. Otherwise, don't change a thing. There are days at work when reading your post is the only productive thing I do all day.


  • Needs more Videodrome.

    "Do you want your creative stamp to imprint upon this website and resonate with visitors for years to come?"

    Soon, all of us will have special names, names designed to cause the cathode-ray tube to resonate.

  • The great thing is that G&T is completely different than every other blog out there. I too read few blogs; I read G&T daily and just a couple of others as topics of interest pop up.

    Please don't change the comments, they are the smartest comments on the web, a reply web to comments would start to make this start to look like every other blog. Making people search through the comments to pick on bb helps keep out the riffraff.

    Donate button. Best of G&T would be great too.

  • Ed,

    There is only one thing that has ever bothered me about the technical aspects of the site (Since I'm very fond of faux communist propaganda and this is only the second time I've ever commented). I would like it if you could, when including quotes from other sources, please correct the encoding so that the symbols show up correctly. It gets hard to follow when — is dropped in all over the place; what's that even supposed to mean?

  • I've had no technical problems with this website. I use Internet Explorer. This website appears to be in better shape technically than most "major" sites.

  • CollegeFreshmen says:

    I second the post for more FJMs! My friends and I absolutely love them, and we have been known to read them aloud and quote them from time to time. Many an Apples to Apples games have been won with the write in card, and the name "Terry Savage". I realize these are hard to post though, and that this is not what you asked for as far as feedback, so for now I'd say that I really like it the way it is, but some of the suggestions like a donate button, and more cowbell really stick with me as being awesome.

  • @ Middle Seaman: "Limit the number of words in a comment." Oh, why don't you just say what you mean: "Fuck you, c u n d gulag and J. Dryden."

    I'm been wracking my feeble little brain about changes/additions I'd like to see here; the only thing that comes to mind is that, in re-reading some older posts (always fun to track over several days, for instance, the growing realization that Sarah Palin was…well, Sarah Palin), I want to search the content not just of the post, but of the comments as well. Is there the possibility of a "Search Comments" option?

    …OK, I admit it, I'm really just looking for easy access to all the porn spam from the pre-filter days.


  • Long time lurker, first time poster.

    It seems like the commenters on this blog have very high need to feel important. On days when you're too busy to post, you should just post a topic and then say GO. The banter alone will be entertaining and it may inspire more interaction from the less upfront readers. I'd keep a limit on it, though. You would still want to keep the sanctity of the blog in place and you might be more tempted to take "days off."

    The 'Best of' idea is smart. The merch is smart. The porn is smart if I wasn't worklurking all of the time.

    I'd like to see more of your comedy come up. Particularly liked that shit.
    k, thx, bye

  • mel in oregon says:

    cities in the united states according to the shallowness of the people, & how boring they are. 1. los angeles. kind of wins in a landslide. entourage was kind of a synopsis of LA, if it's not about money, sex, sunshine or the lakers, they have no idea what the hell your talking about. 2. miami. another brain dead place with a bunch of old fogies that came down from nyc, & rich cubans still dreaming on how to go back to havana & exploit the poor. 3. dallas. the biggest blowhards in the world. if bullshit was white, texass would be whiter than alaska. honorable mention. denver. slush & snow 6 months of the year. no thanks. cleveland. the mistake by the lake.

  • Yes to the more comedy suggestion; yours, analysis of other comics, why stuff is and is not funny, especially the careful dissection of the unfathomable laziness of certain undeservedly well-known individuals . . .

    I have seen your eloquent and to the point rejection of advertising in all its heinous forms, and bravo; however, a donate button is voluntary, giant evil corporation connection free, and highly ignorable. Say you will at least think about it?

  • Maybe a system for rating comments? I think I would enjoy reading the top-rated comments and skipping the rest.

  • Man I love the back ground, but the blog element is such a small part of the page, especially on a wide screen. I pretty much constantly resize the browser when I'm reading G&T at work because the background makes it so god damned obvious that I'm screwing around.

  • All y'all do know that every comment asking for a donate button was made by Ed himself, right?

    And yet I would probably click on one if there were such a thing. And perhaps also buy a fetching headscarf like the one in the background.

  • Content-wise, I have always been a huge fan of Ed vs. Logical Fallacies. Just throwing that out there. :)

  • Dammit, user error. I came to the blog after you stopped the pron spam-bots. I actually prefer the chronological comments section over the conversation style. I'll miss more excellent points if I'm just following one thread.

    Also, I have some gin and taco money burning a hole in my pocket, and sold my car, so have no bumper to affix a sticker to. Alternate commerce, please.

  • And perhaps also buy a fetching headscarf like the one in the background.

    I think this might be the best idea ever.

  • I actually like the current layout, but would like to specifically request that any revisions be tested on smaller monitors and/or large monitors with non-maximised windows. You wouldn't believe how many sites are completely unusable if your window is only half the width of the screen (which is nice because then you can read blogs while ostensibly getting work done in another window).

  • Just please don't put the text off-center. It's in vogue for some reason. Don't give in.

    Adding my voice to the chorus against comment threading. It becomes a hot mess more often than not and it's really not necessary; sites like Metafilter and Crooked Timber and Balloon Juice regularly run comments into the hundreds with no threading and everyone understands each other just fine.

    Also, the comedy. The posts about comedy are great, and now that you're in the Midwest I'll probably be frustrated if you don't publicize your shows better.

    Also, the scarf/mug ideas. And the porn/fanfic. But that goes without saying.

  • I'd love to urge an increase in certain kinds of content (FJMs are a favorite), but I'm hesitant to push Ed into forcing his muse. The great thing about this site is that–unlike most political/social sites–it doesn't have a narrative to sell.

    By which I mean, Ed doesn't have to write about something because he has to, with a certain position, because he has to, appeasing certain readers, because he has to. He's not selling a story: "America is doing great!" "America is doomed!" "Progressivism is the tool of the Devil!" "Only dues-paying-unionists go to heaven!" Etc.

    God forbid, then, that we demand a weekly FJM, and Ed has to force himself to feign ire at an innocuous piece–or to twist its meaning into something ire-worthy.

    Let Burmila be Burmila, in short.

    Also: "No" to the threaded comments, because maybe I want to tell three or four people how repulsively wrong they are on a variety of subjects.

    And "Yes" to Comment Ratings, because if there's one thing this site needs, it's an inducement to rhetorical competitiveness. Nothing fosters sound discourse like a game of intellectual one-upsmanship.

  • duquesne_pdx says:

    God forbid, then, that we demand a weekly FJM, and Ed has to force himself to feign ire at an innocuous piece–or to twist its meaning into something ire-worthy.

    Let Burmila be Burmila, in short

    As a long time reader (and very rare commenter), I have to agree.

    Some more pharmacology side effects posts would be welcome.

    The donate button is a good idea, as well.

    Also, too, "Hardcore Pornography Thursdays" isn't incompatible with Perfect Strangers /fic. Can't we all just get along?

  • As a real man, I favor that head scarf thing, too. More head scarves, I say. An porn. More porn. Oh, and a donate button. But not one of those Paypal donate things.

  • If it ain't broke, it ain't broke. Don't mess with a good thing. It sounds to me like you've gotten fed up with the look of the thing, and are looking to change it just to give yourself a breath of fresh air. If that's it, I get it; sometimes, you can't find it in yourself to go on with a thing that looks old and stale. But, if it's not that, then leave it well enough alone. The blog's fine.

    I would change the text font to Adobe Caslon Pro Medium, and the title font to Humanist 521. And make it a bit larger, if it doesn't inconvenience the other readers.

    If you're looking to increase the average number of comments per post, try being wrong more often. When someone gets it right and puts it well, there's not much too say in response.

  • Delurking.

    I clicked a link to this blog years ago because it was called Gin and Tacos, two of my very favorite things. And then I saw the wonderful layout. Please don't change the background, it cheers me up amidst the horrid political news.

    The only thing I can gripe about is the borked punctuation.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE don't change the Soviet propaganda background! I love it as an aficiando of Soviet/East bloc design. If you do change it, please let us know in advance so those of us who love it just as it is will be able to save it (not for commercial use, of course) for the benefit of like minded folks everywhere.

  • @mel in oregon–What the fuck does this have to do with possible changes with Gin and Tacos? Of course you're grumpy. I can sympathize with your current location. I spent two weeks in Oregon one day. The minute you cross the state line, they give you a pickup truck, a surly dog and an ill-fitting plaid shirt, and shove a pinecone up your ass to make sure that you'll be sufficiently pissed at Californians that don't give a shit about the granola-okie state, and are just trying to get to Vancouver. You're just pissed because two walls of you're losing-value-every-five-minutes house are supported by mildew, and little else. The hated Mordor of Los Angeles? World class symphony orchestra? Check. An art center only rivaled by New York? Check. A creative community that numbers about five million more than the hipsters in Portland that are trying to figure out how their bicycle locks work? Check and mate.

  • Please keep the text black on a white background. There is not a white-on-black blog good enough that I'll patronize it because my eyeballs turn inside out.

  • less words featuring four consonants in a row. i'm looking at you, straightforward. you're nothing but a four consonant-packing dickdrip. that's right. i just used four consonants back at you, fucker. oh, and more posts featuring "tootie" from facts of life.

  • I mostly read your work in my RSS reader, so I love your Soviet artwork because I only see it on occasion, and because I am so old, I lived in a town that hosted a delegation from the USSR back in the day.

    The guy who spoke for the Rooskies had a flawless Oxbridge accent.

    Good times.

  • Ozymandias, King of Ants says:

    Please don't change the background!

    But consider a change of typeface. Futura is not meant to read at small sizes, but there are lots of decent, readable typefaces with a similar look. I disagree with the poster above who suggested Adobe Caslon. Hell–even FF Meta or Rotis Sans 55 would look all right, be readable, and still be a better choice than Adobe Caslon.

  • Last word: Ed, you're too fucking American, meaning, CHANGE IS IPSO FACTO GOOD! Everything works, everybody likes it, so we need to chase the eternal chimera of novelty! We need a New, Improved Version!

    Alternate advice: if you're bored with anything about this blog, change is justified. Drapes, chairs, lampshades, what the hell. We WANT you to enjoy coming to work!

  • @Ozymandias : For well over a century, the type-setters' rule of thumb was, "When in doubt, use Caslon." No one said, "Always go with FF Meta Whatever." Think again.

    If haters hate Caslon, I recommend Aldine 721 as an alternative. Looks even better.

  • A "like" feature for the comments—or better yet, an upvotes/downvotes feature. When I write a dickish comment, I want to know how many of you think I'm a dick, damn it.

  • But seriously, although the dangers of an upvotes/downvotes feature are that it can turn a comments section into a popularity contest and/or troll magnet, it can also be very useful. It allows people to gain a better sense of what kind of comments connect with (and repulse) others (the general readership—not just the one or two people who respond), and something about that can help to establish norms and a sense of community amongst commenters.

  • Love the blog, the garish background detracts from the text (and makes it obvious that I'm goofing off at work) No problem to keep the 'soviet' theme, but make it more subtle?

  • I like the current background, however, the Russian text at the bottom ("Джин и Вареники!") actually translates to "Gin and Vareniki!" Vareniki are Ukrainian dumplings very similar to Polish pierogies. Delicious (even more so with Gin), but very different from tacos. It should probably be changed to "Джин и Тако!".

  • Ozymandias, King of Ants says:

    @Desargues: I am well aware of the "when in doubt, set in Caslon" rule. I am also well aware that this rule applies to books, which are an entirely different animal with very different typesetting needs. Also, that was the era when having a "font" meant something very different and every British printer had a "font" of Caslon (for that was a British rule, never an American printers' rule).

    Caslon is a book typeface and a very nice one, too. But it requires a lot of leading which would make the posts thousands of miles long; the kerning is fussy; the ligatures leave much to be desired; the x-height looks awkward at small sizes; etc. Please explain how that would be at all fitting on a website with an ironic modernist, faux soviet propaganda look.

    And I do not hate Caslon. I like it. I use it. I even use Adobe Caslon. I just don't think it's at all fitting for this website.

  • My favorite part has always been the subtitle.

    "Best of" would be great.

    Add me to the I-Like-the-Background group.

    And what's wrong with a Paypal button?

    Yeah, I'd probably buy a damned mug.

  • get an edit feature. mistakes look weird and can't be corrected.

    love your blog, the "best of" would be nice.

    love the red and yellow background. so garish and tacky, it glares. lol

    why did you come up with "gin and tacos" meme. so weird. love to see a T shirt with the logo on it.

  • No frequent poster, but steady lurker here. Keep the Soviet Background! And I've asked you for a poster of it, BIG POSTER, not a sticker, e.g. 30in x 15 in, but you seem to be a bit hearing-impaired on the issue. Or just mail me the high-res jpeg and we still be friends! Promise to send photo of the picture hanging at home ;)

  • Actually, now that I think about it, I don't care too much for a comment rating system suggestion (sorry) but I would be happy to see "featured comments." Another blog I read regularly does this and it's quite good – the blog poster himself identifies the (to him) particularly interesting comments and features them just below the main post, with the full comments still accessible below. Sometimes he comments on them. It ends up being an extension of the main post. It works because there's an engaged, knowledgeable reader base, much like the readership here.

  • Wow! Who'd a thunk a blog would descend into a flame war over typography? Is one of you Michigan electoral commission GOP member by chance? =)

    My vote is for Franklin or Akzidenz, possibly the DIN family.

    I second the idea for an "edit" feature and NO threading.

  • Americanadian says:

    I enjoy the background very much, to the point where I bought a sticker and slapped it on the front of my old collegiate refrigerator to confuse and entertain the masses. I would rather have it remain the same, although adding an "at work" option (with a more professional background) would be handy. I also support something like Balloon-Juice's 5 minute edit timer, to allow you to correct typos while still holding you accountable for something you just said out loud.

  • I also support something like Balloon-Juice's 5 minute edit timer, to allow you to correct typos while still holding you accountable for something you just said out loud.

    I like this idea.

  • Sometimes, late at night, I feel like I'm the only one who remembers "Any suggestions (about design and layout, not content) you wish to offer here will be taken seriously and subjected to due diligence."

    So…I'm good. Thanks and I'll save my content suggestions for when they're axed for…

  • RadicalIndependent says:

    Ed, it has been years that you have been my required morning reading before I start my day. I've even forgot how I ever found you and have never posted as the replies are just Super Taco as they are. Today, however, I must reply and ask that you not change anything, except for possibly adding Hardcore Porno Thursday!! Be sure though to add some of that icky gay porn, as I'm special that way.

  • G & T is a little down on my bookmarks but i do come by 2 – 3 times a week. I suggest making the G & T side image one side only and add some stuff, like a donate button plus??? but no porn, to the other side and make the center text column narrower

  • RadicalIndependent says:

    Ok, Ed. I just read all the comments and I must add a few things. Don't dare change the Soviet era propaganda graphics – Super Taco. Add a donate tab as I will donate Rubles, and sell coffee muggs and tee shirts now! If you need help, I know a guy in Baton Rouge, Lousiana that does all kinds of art, including Soviet era iconography (has been doing it as long as your site, if not longer. You two would probably be best friends) and does tee shirts. I'm sure he would make you proud. I happen to own two clothing boutiques and don't know how many of my customers know of Gin and Tacos website, but I'll sure as hell push the tee shirts, even if they don't know what it is!

  • I'd really like the page to be automatically loaded in UTF-8. Whenever you put quotes or apostrophes in, we get garbled HTMl Tags. It's fine on my work computer, I can just change the encoding, but you can't on a mobile.

  • Late to the thread but:
    – Yes donate button
    – Meetup in Chicago (no really, I've met people from the internet before and haven't died and/or killed anyone yet)
    – Yes merch – magnets sound awesome
    – Do whatever you want – I'm here for the commentary cuz u rock (see donate button above)

    Not listed upthread:
    – As a facebook follower, I love the trivia and short comedy posts. Whilst not telling you how to run the content of your blog I would enjoy seeing these incorporated to the site in some manner.

  • Just keep writing. As long as it's not formatted as samizdat who cares what it looks like. Just readable is fine with me. I come to G&T for content, not design ideas.

  • Definitely more FJM treatments. Also it would be good to write more entries with examples of Battered Worker Syndome. That is a spot-on phrase and you coined it, so you might as well flog it. I also liked your post a long time ago highlighting the childish, infantile side of libertarianism. This is something that deserves reinforcement.

    PS- Vereniki are definitely not tacos. Tacos is a foreign word that doesn't translate well, so you could just put ТАКОС.

  • Wow – came across this blog today – Brilliant blog and even brilliant-er (lols) comments !! Where have ya been all this time ? Are you on facebook ( why not? )
    Anyways, Thank you – loved it ! Will be visiting daily now. Please keep up the good work – blogs that invokes any cerebral activity are not that common. Love it :) Also love that you see through Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand. <3

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