I do "here's a bunch of links"-type posts rarely – the last one was months ago, and before that in February and January– usually due to time constraints but also because I collect entertaining things I want to share but don't have a ton to say about. Sometimes I have to admit defeat and say, OK, here's a thing. Just enjoy it.

1. For those of us who are 12 years old mentally, enjoy this compendium of vintage comic panels that are unintentionally perverted. The 1950s really were a more innocent time, weren't they? "Boner" had a lot more non-penile uses back then.

On a side note, I read Archie comics religiously as a child (and I flipped out if my dad dared to leave the grocery store without one) despite the fact that they were never, ever funny. Never. To this day I don't understand it.

2. Here is a LiveJournal (side note: LiveJournal still exists, apparently) of vintage "cutaway" drawings of industrial and commercial buildings. It's difficult to describe, but trust me on their level of awesomeness. It's similar to those panels in superhero comics detailing the underground lair of the villain. How can you resist titles like "How a Modern Hotel Operates", "How a Modern Brewery Works", and "How Ice Cream is Made"? You can't.

3. Amidst all the talk about NASA over the past two weeks, here is a free downloadable eBook about the one topic that seems to fascinate all of us regardless of age: space food. Those guys in Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo must have lost a lot of weight in space.

Damn. Now I wish I had some astronaut ice cream.

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26 Responses to “NPF: AUGUST POTPOURRI”

  1. eau Says:

    Vintage comic book double-entrendre, vintage cut-aways, SPACE FOOD!


    If this is your idea of lazy link-salad…

    More, please.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Astronaut ice cream in three flavors.

  3. Middle Seaman Says:

    As an immigrant I grow up with no comics no superheroes and NASA food wasn't a topic. After 35 years in the country I still fail to see the point behind most comics.

  4. Major Kong Says:

    One of my friends in the Air Force flew the U-2 spy planes. They wear space suits because they fly at 70,000+ feet.

    He let me try some of the astronaut food one time. It looked like toothpaste but tasted exactly, and I mean exactly, like apple pie a la mode. Pretty amazing.

  5. c u n d gulag Says:

    Amongst us teenage guys in the late 60's and early 70's, the questions we asked one another were:
    Veronica or Betty?
    And, Ginger or Mary Ann?

    I was, and still am, a Betty or Mary Ann guy.
    Or, should I say, a Betty AND Mary Ann guy – 'cause, hey, if you're going to imagine having sex with either a cartoon or a fictional TV character, you might as well fantasize about having it with both of them at the same time.

    Cue the "PIG!" comments.

  6. Major Kong Says:

    When Russell Johnson was asked why the Professor couldn't seem to repair the Minnow, he replied "If you were living on a tropical island with Ginger and Mary-Ann, would you be in a hurry to fix the boat?"

  7. Mitch O'Connell Says:

    Thanks for the link! Glad you liked 'em!

  8. Drew Says:

    The astronauts did not lose weight. They lost mass. This was reflected in their weight when they returned to earth…

    Sorry. I am trying to be silly.

  9. acer Says:

    I, too, had forgotten about LiveJournal. Hadn't thought about it since the first W. Bush term.

    Who wants to sign this guy up for a Pinterest account? If Pinterest serves any useful purpose, this is it.

  10. ladiesbane Says:

    Now it can be told: I grew up reading my mother's Archie digests and religiously added to the collection, expanding it when the Jughead Jones and Madhouse lines came out, but eschewing Little Archies, at least after the first few. The older ones are the best. (I also read DC and Marvel and Conan. Barry Windsor Smith was, and remains, the MAN.)

    The industrial cutaways are awesome (with the pleasant reminder of MAD Magazine reinventions,) but allow me to offer the comic book version:

    Go down to the Baxter Building cutaway, at least. See if it doesn't remind you of the map of the Perfect House you drew as a kid (at least if you were me) right down to the map room. But I was deranged by Dr. Strangelove at an early age and wanted the war ready room as well as the observatory (and the firefighter's pole, the bookcase passages, etc.)

  11. JimmyLaw Says:

    Sadly typical / accurate that the "Modern Hotel" worked with an all-black waitstaff in the ballroom.

  12. mothra Says:

    Cue the "PIG!" comments.

    Nah. Dude. Everyone gets their own fantasy life free from judgment

  13. c u n d gulag Says:


    WHEW!!! :-)

  14. BruceJ Says:

    You must delve into Josh Frulinger's Comic Curmudgeon archives for references to the Archie Joke-Generating Laugh Unit-3000 collection:

  15. Daniel Says:

    I love the Silver Age Marvel lair cutaways. It's cool looking at the SHIELD helicarrier and all of its rooms and functions, or the Fantastic Four Baxter building in all of its glory. Modern comic book artists don't seem to be as intent on drawing stuff like that anymore.

  16. Russiannavyblog Says:

    That cheap shot on Livejournal obscures the fact that it is still very popular in Russia, although admittedly it is waning. However, a lot of thebest Russian military blogs ares still on Livejournal.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Those maps in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings books were pretty cool too. I'd spend hours looking at those and imagining the places they could have gone too.

  18. J. Dryden Says:

    @ c u n d gulag: I, like mothra, strongly support your right to have your own personal fantasy life.

    But, inasmuch as I am a Veronica/Ginger devotee, I must challenge you the internet-comment-board equivalent of ten paces at dawn. (I'm think it's probably some sort of sad, flabby slap-fight, with a lot of loud whines of "Quit it!" and "Ow! My ear!")

    Either that, or a quick draw on who can violate Godwin's law the fastest.

  19. komoriblue Says:

    The Frank Soltesz work in the LJ link reminds me of the work of this artist:

  20. Robert Says:

    Mary Roach, author of "Stiff" and "Bonk", has also written "Packing for Mars", which has quite a lot about the development of astronaut food. Being a cosmonaut was a rough deal, even aside from the risk of secret death.

  21. Отправка смс Says:

    I was, and still am, a Betty or Mary Ann guy.

  22. c u n d gulag Says:

    J. Dryden,
    As a Veronica/Ginger devotee, you'll be too busy at dawn following behind either one's precious toy poodles with baggies to pick-up their peanut-sized turds, and after you all get home after sneaking in and making sure the door doesn't slam, you'll spend the rest of the morning ssshhh'ing the dogs, and trying to be as quiet as possible as you make your own coffee and breakfast – because you know you'll face the wrath of the gods if you wake her up before noon, and you know if that happens, you'll be spending another night on the couch. All alone. Again…

    So,now that dawn's out, if you want to have a slap-fight, I suggest having it after noon, but before 3, when it's time to walk behind her precious poodles with baggies again, and start making her dinner – and then back on doggie-poopie-patrol.
    Or, are you afraid that in that 3-hour window, some handsome sales or repair man will stop by if you leave?

    I'm a low maintenance boy, and I'll take a lower maintenance girl, thank you! :-)
    Yes, coming Betty!
    Time to walk the…
    I'll get back to you later, J.

  23. Noskilz Says:

    Nifty stuff – particularly the cut-aways.

  24. The Mad Dreamer Says:

    Not having read Archie or watched Gilligan's Island, I'd like to toss my two cents in.

    Based purely on aesthetics:

    Veronica and Ginger. Dark hair beats blonde and redhead beats all. Pure and simple.

  25. Mitch O'Connell Says:

    Got a new one…
    this time it's COVERS!