I'll be live-blogging the election coverage tonight. Join me. I'm trying to install some simple chat functions for WP, but if that fails we can simply use the comment section the impending Election Night post.
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13 thoughts on “PROGRAMMING NOTE”

  • I'm looking forward to it! Have you considered using twitter? In my opinion it's better than facebook because it's free, you choose who is in your feed, has a larger potential audience and no ex gfs.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Me and my Obama-lovin' Mama will be watching MSNBC tonight, until they declare an Obama win, or we fall asleep in our chairs.

    But I'll look forward to what you have to write tomorrow.

  • I'm just wondering how many days will pass before some nutjob decides he didn't like the results and does something horrible.

  • I will not be watching the absurdities. Volleyball will be better.

    But let me pre-emptively get some zingers in:

    – Screw Husted. Seriously. Just screw that guy.
    – Pennsylvania wasn't really in play? Who coulda guessed?
    – Chill out about Virginia. It's not important.
    – I guess the Scott Walker machine is stronger than we suspected. Huh!
    – Yeah. It feels good to be in a state with a known outcome. Now, I bet you're rethinking that decision to move to Cincinnati from San Diego, huh? Not as good as it looked, at first.
    – Boy are you confused, Colorado. At least support Johnson at 5%.

  • people didnt do too many additional horrible things above the baseline when obama was elected the first time, neither after most us presidential elections as far as im aware. what makes you think that they will take it harder this time? nutjob gonna nut whatever you do, but i dont think the rate of incidence or whats it called is gonna go up much.

  • I'm with Greg. Besides, Twitter is where I get 80% of my news and 67% of my comedy, so G&T should fit nicely.

  • I'm with Greg and Ladiesbane. I am looking forward to the delightfully retro experience of being in a chatroom, though, and to 'meeting' some of you.

  • @ gipper: I'm waiting for the book to come out, after all's said and done, that details how many death threats against Obama the SS has had to contend with re: other administrations. I expect astronomical numbers. Just a hunch.

    If voting here in NYC is any indication (I just had to wait an hour to cast my ballot vs no line in 35 years), the vigor of the national vote is gonna rival 2008. Another hunch.

  • IL constitutional amendment vote on the ballot today:

    Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution Explanation of Amendment

    Upon approval by the voters, the proposed amendment, which takes effect on January 9, 2013, adds a new section to the General Provisions Article of the Illinois Constitution. The new section would require a three-fifths majority vote of each chamber of the General Assembly or the governing body of a unit of local government, school district, or pension or retirement system, in order to increase a benefit under any public pension or retirement system. At the general election to be held on November 6, 2012, you will be called upon to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.
    If you believe the Illinois Constitution should be amended to require a three-fifths majority vote in order to increase a benefit under any public pension or retirement system, you should vote YES on the question. If you believe the Illinois Constitution should not be amended to require a three-fifths majority vote in order to increase a benefit under any public pension or retirement system, you should vote NO on the question. Three-fifths of those voting on the question or a majority of those voting in the election must vote "YES" in order for the amendment to become effective on January 9, 2013.

    For the proposed addition of Section 5.1 to Article XIII of the Illinois Constitution.

    This could have been written as:
    Under the current law, any changes to retirement benefits or public pension of a local government or school district require a 50% majority vote by the governing body. Do you want to amend the Illinois constitution to require a 60% majority vote?
    YES (continue to require 50%)
    NO (require 60%)

    In order for this to become an amendment effective 1/9/2013 it must receive at least 60% votes for 'No'.

    This is (yet another) great example of why our elections suck. Even on good, simple, local issues where I'd like to give my voice it's a battle by the legislators and lawyers to make it as confusing as fuck. Note that I'm not calling for a 'this will make local unions stronger' or 'here's a list of previous amendments to the IL constitution – note all of the partisan bullshit that has failed in the past' – it's just the bullshit legal language. Of course there is an easy argument to be made that 'my way' is just as likely to sway towards the status quo…that's fine. Then make a standard for how these are listed that is clearly defined, but do it with the interest of the average voter in mind and a goal of making voting worthwhile.

  • @gipper: Because in 2008 they could write it off as "One Big Ass Mistake, America". In 2012 they will have to find some other explanation, like "the election was rigged" or "democracy is a dumb idea, anyway".

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