I know this violates both the letter and the spirit of NPF, but I struggle to think of something more bizarre, wonderful, and entertaining than Megyn Kelly's walking tour of the Fox studio (to question the integrity and competence of the people the network pays to make calls for them) on election night. While the following video captures the entire Fox meltdown – the first 4:45 of the video is Karl Rove's emotional deterioration, if you're interested – the ridiculous yields to the surreal at the 4:47 mark when Kelly is helped down from the news desk and then followed around various hallways while she awkwardly chit-chats on her way to confront the behind-the-scenes team. We're all used to Fox News being awful and descending into self parody, but..this is just weird, guys.

This is dadaism at its finest. It has the production quality of a snuff film and the weird tension of a performance in which something completely unpredictable is expected to happen without warning or cause. I keep waiting for her to round a corner and be impaled by a spear, or confronted by a hissing wolverine, or pied in the face, or engaged in conversation with a man dressed in a garment made entirely of sugar packets. My fondness for absurdist humor is well documented, and this video reminds me that the darkest comedy always comes from watching something ridiculous and realizing, "Oh my god they're serious."

In case you needed this to be funnier, apparently Fox producers cooked up this scheme as a way not only to prolong interest among viewers after Romney was clearly toast but also to get Megyn Kelly's legs on camera. It's not like we thought they were hiring their newsmodels for their journalistic integrity, but it's nice to have this point made explicit.

I have never made but one prayer, a very short one: "O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.