I am thankful for all of you. Doing this much writing feels a bit silly sometimes, and it would feel even sillier if there was no one reading it.

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57 Responses to “GIVING THANKS”

  1. Earl Says:

    Did you ever adopt that dog? If so, we demand pictures. If not, find a dog, then post pictures.

    Cheers and hope you hada great 4 day weekend.

  2. Nate Says:

    I am always amazed that you find new subjects and things to blog about (and so smartly too!). Thanks, Ed! :)

  3. Rural Resident Says:

    Can't wait until the end of each week when I can to treat myself to reading G &T. THANK YOU

  4. Brian Says:

    G&T is a highlight of my day. Thank YOU.

  5. Andrew K. Says:

    You are a fine writer. I donate when I can, and I thank you for your insight and humor. I just wish I could provide you comfort and strength in some fashion other than a loyal reader.

  6. caroljane Says:

    Very thankful for Ed and the great posters here, who give me a place to cheat on the strange bedfellows (love those guys, honest!)on my homesite ,and get great zingers to troll them with. I always credit you, really. Well, almost always.Don't link you because I don't know how to link and am too old to learn.

    Also thankful to live in Canada where we have Thanksgiving at a freakin' rational time, halfway between Labour Day and Christmas.

    And er, God, thanks for the Argos win and Judge Hackland. Toronto really needed you and you came through.

  7. Richard Shindledecker Says:

    The T shirt idea is great – I'm in for a half dozen.