I am thankful for all of you. Doing this much writing feels a bit silly sometimes, and it would feel even sillier if there was no one reading it.

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57 Responses to “GIVING THANKS”

  1. anotherbozo Says:

    I am thankful for intelligent, snarky bloggers (all two of you) who make the medicine go down easier. Stay well.

  2. Middle Seaman Says:

    Thanks for an intelligent but not stuffy blog. Thanks for the ceasefire that brings quiet to many friends I have all over the Middle East. Thanks for a great life, great kids, great grandkids and, of course, my wife. Even thanks to the X one and X two.

  3. Seth Says:

    I'll be thankful when you sell t-shirts with the freakin' logo on it. Send the image to Zazzle. Then you never even have to worry about it, except waiting for the dough to roll in.

  4. gipper Says:

    Thanks for writing it!

  5. OliverWendelHolmslice Says:

    I'm not sure I could have survived the Bush years without you.

  6. Roboteeating Says:

    I love reading your stuff, Ed. Thank YOU.

  7. Wheezy Says:

    One of my favorite blogs, Ed. Always a bummer on days when you don't post.

    Mark H.
    Crystal Lake, IL

  8. ShameBased Says:

    You're my hero, dude. Don't ever quit. Also, t-shirts.

  9. mojowoykn Says:

    You're welcome. Keep 'er goin.' G 'n T is one of the best kept secrets I share freely with everyone I know.

  10. Dbp Says:

    And this is the point where the camera zooms out and we can see that you've actually typed this whole blog on a typewriter in the mental ward of a hospital.

    Cue the dramatic music and the M. Night Shamalymaninanmmnamon cameo

  11. Elle Says:

    I very much like this American festival of gratitude.

    I'm grateful for this blog, and for the many clever and prescient things it has said to me about the way the world is. I'm grateful for international solidarity that comes in the form of snark and polite disagreement.

    I hope all of the American members of the commentariat are having, and will have, a very lovely day.

  12. Kevin NYC Says:

    Thank you very much… all of you.. even the trolls..

  13. bb in GA Says:

    peace and luv, y'all

    a little voltaire music – enjoy even when we disagree.

    From the late comedian Brother Dave Gardner (circa 1960):

    "Gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty, and the worst I ever had was wonderful!"

    "Say goodnight, Gracie."


  14. E* Says:

    Thanks for bringing a daily dose of delight to my life. I will not be needing the t-shirts, because I have formed a comfy bikini using the bumper stickers. (But if t-shirts happened, I would be the first in line to buy one. The bikini gets a little cold this time of year.)

  15. Ubu Imperator Says:

    Thanks to you, Ed, for all you do to make our daily routines that much better.

  16. Dave Dell Says:

    I, too, am thankful for Gin and Tacos and its band of erudite common taters.

  17. Both Sides Do It Says:

    Thanks for cranking stuff out in good times and bad. I've had more than a few crappy days that a G 'n T chuckle helped turn around.

  18. Xynzee Says:

    Thank you for your work and effort.

    Thank you for a community that can usually have an intelligent discussion on topics.

  19. j Says:

    Likewise to the first point.

    As for the second point, I can't empathize but I sure appreciate it!

  20. Mrs. Chili Says:

    I'm glad you write. You give me insight I never would come to on my own, and I really appreciate that (plus, you often make me literally laugh out loud; I like that, too).



  21. J. Dryden Says:

    Actually, Dbp, the Shyamalan twist is that Ed, unknowingly suffering from multiple personality disorder, logs in at various times during the day as *each* of us–that's right, we've been *Ed* this whole time!!! (That pun probably strikes me as a lot funnier than it actually is.)

    Happy T-giving, Ed and all.

  22. Lurker Says:

    Keep writing, you magnificent bastard.

  23. just me Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. And thank you Ed and all commentators, for all that you give me. Thank you for an oasis of salient and important discourse in a world of tripe gone mad.

  24. Bernard Says:

    thanks for bringing up such good topics. thanks for the wonderful things i missed and read later. the ability to rage against the injustices and hatreds is a great gift as well. that alone is what makes this a wonderful electronic reality. thought is such a compelling thing, helps me look past my humanity into the eyes of others.

  25. fuzzbuzz215 Says:

    yes T-shirt! People always ask about the sticker on my laptop.

  26. warmbowski Says:

    Between the awesome blog posts and a comment section that tends to enlighten, rather than decend into a vapid abyss, I am thankful for this blog. Thanks Ed, and thanks to the cast of characters posting comments here regularly.

  27. Major Kong Says:

    As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

  28. Bill Cole Says:

    Keep up the great work Ed! Nice to see some Political commentary with an acid humor edge.

  29. Desargues Says:

    Happy everything, and thanks for all the laughs. If this were a just world, you'd be owning half of the clicking done on the internet. (The other half, of course, would go to Tbogg, and God would paralyze the fingers of all the halfwits and assholes out there haunting the webz.) May your turkey tacos be juicy and your gin strong.

  30. Desargues Says:

    Also: more absurdist humor!

  31. Jane Says:

    Thank YOU, Ed!

  32. Mom Says I'm Handsome Says:

    Thanks, Ed, to you and to this here commentariat. I never know what to expect each time I mosey over, and that's A Good Thing(tm).

  33. Maya Says:

    Thanks to Ed & everybody who contributes to the comments. Thanks to my husband for finding and sharing this blog with me. I learn a lot from all of you everyday.

  34. Jim Says:

    Keep up the good work. Please!

  35. Ryan H. Says:

    Thank you Ed for knocking it so consistently out the park. I don't want to know what a world without GnT looks like.

  36. Armadillo Joe Says:

    Big fan, I read your stuff every day. Keep up the good work.

  37. Hazy Davy Says:

    You can't prove that I exist, separate from you. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    (Evidence that I exist: you rock, Dr. GandT! See, you'd never be so positive about yourself.)

  38. Hazy Davy Says:

    Oh, crap. So J. Dryden beat me to it, again? No matter. We are all J. Dryden.

  39. Capt. Yosarian Says:

    Read your site regularly, even tho I'm one of those "boomers" you tend to blame everything on (can't help when I was born, man) :) Keep it up!

  40. jon Says:


  41. RosiesDad Says:

    Thanks for making the effort to entertain and thought provoke, Ed. Great thing you've got going here.

  42. bob_is_boring Says:


    Keep it rocking. Don't always have time to comment, but I do check every day.

  43. Nunya Says:

    This is the smartest blog with the smartest commentators on the interwebs. You may think you haven't accomplished much but you have created one of the bright spots in the world. God, Jeebus, FSM, etc. bless Ed.

  44. Fiddlin' Bill Says:

    You're much appreciated.

  45. doug Says:

    The discourse here is better than anywhere else. Thanks to all, and to Ed for providing both the playground and the topics. I hope everyone has a safe and hopefully fun holiday.

  46. JazzBumpa Says:

    Late again. Oh, well.

    Thanks to you Ed. Keep it coming, man.

    You always make me thing, and that is high praise, indeed.

    But, still . . .


  47. JazzBumpa Says:

    Jeebus –

    Make me THINK!!!


  48. acer Says:

    Thanks for the laughter and rage attacks. Gin and Tacos in the morning beats the hell out of coffee.

  49. JohnR Says:

    Long time listener, first time caller. Dittos! Also, @Dbp: banananana. Nana. Also, too, I trust that each of us, in our own Special ways, celebrated the late holiday in the fullest effort to be as Boggie as possible (or at least up to the hairy feet part). I, myself, have adopted into the Nosefinger family, but whether you're a Clubfoot, Stool or Naugahyde by descent, I hope that you all attempted to live up to the noble sentiments invoked by the national anthem of the Sty (see the link below, but for goodness' sake, go out and buy a copy too). They make great Christmas presents for that member of the family who has everything..

  50. cromartie Says:

    And thank you for the semi-weekly sanity check. Complete with awesome logo, that should be on a t-shirt.

  51. Earl Says:

    Did you ever adopt that dog? If so, we demand pictures. If not, find a dog, then post pictures.

    Cheers and hope you hada great 4 day weekend.

  52. Nate Says:

    I am always amazed that you find new subjects and things to blog about (and so smartly too!). Thanks, Ed! :)

  53. Rural Resident Says:

    Can't wait until the end of each week when I can to treat myself to reading G &T. THANK YOU

  54. Brian Says:

    G&T is a highlight of my day. Thank YOU.

  55. Andrew K. Says:

    You are a fine writer. I donate when I can, and I thank you for your insight and humor. I just wish I could provide you comfort and strength in some fashion other than a loyal reader.

  56. caroljane Says:

    Very thankful for Ed and the great posters here, who give me a place to cheat on the strange bedfellows (love those guys, honest!)on my homesite ,and get great zingers to troll them with. I always credit you, really. Well, almost always.Don't link you because I don't know how to link and am too old to learn.

    Also thankful to live in Canada where we have Thanksgiving at a freakin' rational time, halfway between Labour Day and Christmas.

    And er, God, thanks for the Argos win and Judge Hackland. Toronto really needed you and you came through.

  57. Richard Shindledecker Says:

    The T shirt idea is great – I'm in for a half dozen.